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Original Title: The Tomboy And The Popstar

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Sport







































Suzy invites Kiyo to his first music concert, but he leaves Zatch behind. Zatch tries sneaking into the concert by hiding in a duffel bag, but he can't get in the front entrance so he goes searching for a back door into the auditorium. In the dressing room, Megumi and the mamodo Tia are troubled. What will happen if an enemy attacks in the middle of the concert...? Tia cheers up Megumi by saying that she'll protect the concert at all costs.. Megumi is very concerned, but the show must go on. Standing guard, Tia is nervous, awaiting an attack. Suddenly, the door in front of her opens and Zatch enters! Alarmed, Tia attacks Zatch. In the mamodo world, Tia always pushed Zatch around because he was weak. However, because Zatch has lost his memory, he doesn't remember Tia. Tia is not amused. Just then, the mamodo Maruss comes, seeking Tia's spell book. Not caring if she herself is attacked, Tia begs Maruss to leave Megumi and the concert alone. Maruss does not yield to Tia's request in the least. He unreels spells on her, and a giant metal bat full of spikes shoots toward her. Tia shuts her eyes and... Zatch and Kiyo step in! 'Leave it to us,' Kiyo says...and even Maruss is shocked. 'What happened? Zatch...you used to be so weak! But now... '

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