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Space Raiders RPG Patch

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About This Game

The Earth as we knew it is gone. What’s left of humanity now lives inside an asteroid called Lutetia hidden in underspace. You are a space ranger, humanity’s last hope 5d3b920ae0

Title: Space Raiders RPG
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Geek Games
Geek Games
Release Date: 11 Oct, 2018


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Definitely a mobile port. Extremely dense text intros and tutorial. No music. Lots to do, but it is all under a veneer of freemium economy. Needs more work to be worthwhile on Steam. https://youtu.be/hV9F5GgC1gY. As the others have pointed out, this is a freemium mobile port, with the only change being that the ability to buy things with real money in the store have been disabled. Like the $12 to buy one time "insurance" in case you lose a battle is gone, but still visible in the tutorial screens. Any time you want to upgrade your ship (the main progression options in the game) you have to stare at a timer bar (the first one I saw was 3 minutes, I don't know if they get longer as you go on) with an option to skip the timer bar for premium currency. Since the game was originally balanced to "encourage" you to buy premium currency, but now you can't, I suspect the balance of the PC port is off and that the game will become increasingly unpleasant/unbalanced (by design) as you go further in. If I want to subject myself to a freemium experience, I've got much better options on my iPad. I play games on my PC to get away from pay to win designs. There is potentially a lot of content it seems, so if the dev put some effort into properly porting it to PC I think it could be a good purchase.

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