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About This Game

Shapes of Gray is a stripped-down action-arcade game about rapidly descending through a series of seconds-long levels, each one containing a unique combat-puzzle micro-challenge. Turn your enemies against each other to get the high score and unlock the secrets of a tiny enigmatic world!

  • Hundreds of randomized levels!
  • Epic boss battles!
  • An unlockable arcade mode with a sky-high skill ceiling!
  • A rad micro-soundtrack by Chicago's indie-punktronic music producer Andrew Nee!
  • High score challenges!
  • Gamepad support!
  • An amazing sense of discovery!
  • Deep hidden meaning!?
  • And so much more!

Title: Shapes of Gray
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 23 Sep, 2015


This is a great game! It is fun, entertaining, and challenging. A great way to spend time.. Shapes of Gray is an experience akin to Nintendo's WarioWare series of games, particularly to that series' microgames. Every stage involves you trying to complete a task (in this case, killing every enemy on the screen) within a short amount of time without any sort of direction. Considering that your character and most enemies die in a single hit, learning enemies' weaknesses and how to exploit them without hurting yourself provides an interesting challenge. What sets this challenge apart from the microgames of WarioWare is what happens if you do die. Once you lose your allotted three hearts, you have to continue either from the beginning of the game or from the stage immediately following a boss fight. In either case, the orientation of the stages sometimes changes, which keeps the game feeling fresh even though you are redoing stages you have already completed.

Even though I have not completed it at the time of this review, the inclusion of a "second quest" is my favorite part of the game. Rather than simply being a more difficult version of the first quest, it includes entirely new enemies, which means new behaviors and weaknesses to learn and exploit. It's almost like having two games in one, which is great without even taking into consideration the game's affordability. Shapes of Gray isn't the most intense game on the market, but it is one of the most enjoyable I have come across in recent memory, and while I can't guarantee you'll feel the same, I can guarantee that the time spent playing won't feel like a waste.. Highly recommend if you just want to relax and play a simple game. I find this very fun to play on road trips or when I'm just tired of the normal stuff. Can't wait to see what this dev has in store for us.. Super fun little arcade game. Isn't too hard until about the last 10 levels or so where it felt like it got really hard, really fast. I still haven't beaten the level 1 boss yet, as I can't seem to make it past level 5 (you start at 50 and go down). But it's a neat little game to pick up and play for a few minutes here or there. It's very easy to jump in and out of!. It's fast. It's like WarioWare crossed with a bit of Asteroid and some bat-swinging action.
The game's goal is simple: you move around and beat the baddies before you run out of time in each bite-sized level.
It gets tougher as you get introduced to new enemies, and the boss battles (which are epic) require you to recognise the patterns to win. You will feel the Zelda influence here.

The music and sprites work well together, you will feel the excitement as you cut your way through the swarms of enemies but also the threat when you find yourself in the wrong place in the wrong time.
As an extra... there aren't many texts to read, so those with reading OCD (like myself) can enjoy this game with no hassle. Rejoice.

Monochrome is the way to go.

Edit: Steam shows that I've only played 0.2 hrs of the game, which isn't true. It didn't count my actual playtime. (probably because I was playing offline...). Legit bad game mechanics and unsatisfying graphics for such a simple game. While I have little playtime on the Steam version, I have a good bit on the Wii U version: I suck at both. Yes, I can get to the final level, but it takes a lot of luck and, generally, cursing. I'm jesting a little bit here because it isn't so much that the game is "difficult" (the levels are the same each time, so it is mostly learning what they do, how to avoid them, and then killing them without killing yourself - THAT is where I fail each time!) so much it is your own idiocy and pride that do you in. For such a short experience it is a lot of fun, and is something that you can rapidly find yourself focused on and trying to improve at. A delightful and fully arcadey experience. For what it is worth, the Steam card art commentary is entertainingly droll.

Controller support is perfect, by the way: responsive for the few inputs needed. My deaths are my own fault, as it should be.. Shapes of Gray is a short but fun game. You will find yourself trying to get better every time you play. I also find this game to be good gameplay footage for a video.. It's surprisingly tough for such a simple game. It's great if you like fast-paced arcade games.

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