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Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Free Offline

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Free Offline

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About This Game

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds is a 2D beat 'em up from Mages/5pb, the makers of Steins;Gate, Bullet Soul, and other great games. Choose a fighter and battle against the 5d3b920ae0

Title: Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds
Genre: Action
Release Date: 23 Jan, 2015


  • OS: Microsoft Windows Vista or newer
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.0 GHz or better
  • Memory: 3 GB

English,French,Italian,German,Japanese,Simplified Chinese

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Now with improved, and mostly original, HD textures : During the past few months we have been recovering and tweaking more than 130 environmental textures from original sources, and now we are transplanting them back into the game 15 years later. Many scenes and props now look crisp and more detailed than their sixth-generation, compressed counterparts. The Eurocom and Anibyte artists originally painted their images at bigger sizes, but due to serious console and memory limitations at the time they had to be downsized and compressed to Heliopolis and back. These upgrades mostly cover common gameplay elements; like buttons, statues and levers and, more specifically, Heliopolis Exterior, Anubis Wall, Abydos Canals and the Uruk Intro. We will probably keep adding more original assets in zones that still need some care, like the Lost Temple, some Mummy dungeons and Luxor. Modern computers are much more capable than a PlayStation 2 or GameCube. Enjoy playing Sphinx as it was originally meant to be seen, it holds up pretty well.. Now with dynamic lights, better gamepad support, new achievements and more stuff : Happy new year! Things haven't slowed down since our last Sphinx announcement, and we have been hard at work expanding the font support, with improved glyph sizes and tweaks for all the six languages. Also, for those wanting even more flexibility, we have made the dialog text scaling entirely configurable (take a look at the TextHudObjScaling option in the changelog below), in case you want to play on your couch without eye strain. This Monday we added support for points of dynamic omnidirectional light. Which subtly enhance the mood when you open a chest, get a new item or there are fireflies moving nearby. A bit more subtle is the expanded item rotator, now 1.7 times wider. The golden frame has been centered and the list extended, lending more space for the bigger typography. Previously, the overflowing text only displayed partial item names, causing problems like selecting the correct Portal Amulet while playing in Romance languages. Many of you probably noticed the two new achievements we added in the middle of December, rewarding exploration. They cover getting all the health Gold Ankh Pieces for Sphinx and all the Onyx Scarabs found across the six mummy visits. The latter will require a new game to work properly, sorry about that. We have also fixed a few typos, improving the flow of our Italian/Spanish/German translation of the game and achievements. Thanks to contributions by LetsPlayNintendoITA and MagicianMana . You can now plug several gamepads at the same time and switch between them. Having things like joysticks, flight sticks or fight sticks connected while playing won't cause detection problems anymore. Also, Steam Controller users should be able to turn it off and on and still being able to play after idling. The elephant in the room is contextual mouse/keyboard support. It is still being done, and it turned out to be slightly more complicated than all the other problems we have fixed so far. Hopefully, it will be out soon. In other news, we are also working on releasing the original editor and tools that Eurocom used to make the game in 2003, so that people can make mods and custom levels. We will also try to include mostif not allof the unpublished beta content, like the infamous worlds of Akaria and Sakkara , so that the community can fix and improve those incomplete levels, bringing them back to life, 15 years later.. Now with mouse-controlled blowpipe, restored Abydos Museum/character HD textures and more stuff : Yesterday we added the much requested mouse-controlled blowpipe controls, this is the first step towards having full-featured mouse and keyboard mapping support in EngineX. Now that most of the groundwork is in place it should not take long. We still need to add extra sub-menus and configurable options; ensuring that everything runs as expected will probably take most of the remaining work. In other news, we also added several high-quality textures for the Abydos Museum and brought back some original (really high resolution) character textures for Sphinx and the mummy that will be tweaked in future updates to better match their final look. We also improved the draw distance for various Abydos NPCs like the ones in the main plaza, as requested. Today's update also brought many other fixes and improvements; we brought back the iconic thunder sound that sounds when you first enter the main menu, we made the back/cancel labels clickable, fixed a bunch of long-standing collision issues, skipping cutscenes now works even if the dialog is in wait state, brought back or implemented some beta/modding features needed by the beta map restoration project, and little tweaks everywhere.. First Sphinx mod released, restoring a good part of Akaria, early Uruk, old Mummy missions and the beta storyline : After working on it for three long months and beta-testing it in the Sphinx Discord servers for a few weeks, jmarti856 has announced the first public mod for the PC version of Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy . He is now trying to bring back to life the lost levels of Sakkara as best as he can, given that many cutscenes and mechanics are missing or unfinished. There are still many cozy secrets tucked away in the files that we released with the Authoring Tools DLC . As more modders start learning the EngineX tools and making their own mods we will feature them in announcements like this.. Pretty big cumulative update with a good mix of HD visual upgrades, bug fixes and modding improvements : While we generally don't post Steam announcements for every single patch, and we usually update the forum thread instead, we have been improving the PC version while developing the Nintendo Switch port that was released three weeks ago. The community is growing lately, mainly around the Discord server [discord.gg] . We have pretty interesting fan art and we have been beta-testing the upcoming Steam Workshop support. Patch by patch, the game is slowly being restored graphically using mainly the original artwork from Eurocom and Anibyte, with small tweaks. This is a respectful restoration, not a makeover. Four of the most problematic defects have been fixed. Some of them were introduced during the PC port, others are still present in the original 2003 console release. A savegame corruption, suddenly vanishing NPCs, uninitialized memory as well as a few others that are less severe. We are still planning to add most of the remaining features that had to be temporarily delayed due to the Nintendo Switch port: Things like projected shadows, better lighting and some shader improvements will appear in both platforms. Remappable controls will probably stay PC-only for the foreseeable future. We read your reviews and comments, and while we can't get some things done as fast as we would like, we will persist. This last update should be equivalent to the Nintendo Switch v1.1 patch that we also released yesterday.. Arcane Legacy Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Sphinx Art Contest results announced! : For those that didn't know, the good folks at the Sphinx Discord server [discord.gg] have been running a community-led art contest to gauge interest. The results are pretty good. Nefertiti , by veteran Sphinx artist Norvadier . Here is the speedpaint in video form . Bye Hater , by DaxDraggon . The Grand Battle , by SphinxLuvDuvWuv . -- Kudos to lordquacksmith for organizing the event, and also props to the rest of the moderation staff and our resident meme expert, Ven7roX [cdn.discordapp.com] , for the art. Right now the community seems to be organizing to revamp the unofficial wiki, check it out [sphinxandthecursedmummy.fandom.com] and contribute if you find it interesting. Every little bit helps. See you next time, hopefully with more game updates. P.S.. Now with bigger, and more legible, English fonts : We have just pushed a tentative update that should make things easier on the eyes by improving the glyph sizes for things like the dialog-heavy cutscenes, inventory and HUD. Let us know what you think and provide screenshots in the likely case you find something wonky or misaligned. If feedback is positive we will do the same thing for the other languages, if not we can roll it back.. Sphinx Modkit Out Now! : Hello, We just shipped the Authoring tools that were also used crafting the game. It also includes source assets. You can find it here: Please be aware that you need to tell Steam to download it.

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