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Original Title: Make-Up Exam

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Family,Fantasy














































Arachne, a woman long ago turned into a giant spider by Athena, strikes a deal with Chronus. She will deliver the seven mortal children that have been causing him so trouble and in return, Chronus will make her human again. Meanwhile, Atlanta is panicking over the exams that are to commence the next day while everyone else decides to watch a movie. It turns out that the exam isn't the usual pen-and-paper kind but a test, a test that requires catching a Harpy! Atlanta manages to lay out the creature but Ares says "She was just lucky." Annoyed and angry at Ares, Atlanta storms out and goes for a run to blow off some steam. At the park, a mugger tries to take Atlanta's mp3 player, but she lays him out. Arachne then appears and befriends Atlanta, telling her the story of why she is no longer human - with a twist. The next day is the second part of the exam; archery. Atlanta is late and Jay asks Archie where she might be. Archie says "What? It's not like I keep tabs on her all the time, 'cause that would be creepy... and obsessive..." The group continue on without her and then, several arrows appear out of nowhere and split each of the other's arrows down the middle. It turns out to be Atlanta who is actually hanging up-side down on a rope from the ceiling. Ares scoffs and Atlanta asks him why he can't accept that a girl is actually good, and Artemis praises her, until Atlanta challenges Ares that she's better than him. The team notice something is up and decide to follow Atlanta while she is on another run. Herry and Odie or sent to comb through her room and it turns out Hera, Athena and Artemis are worried and are looking through her belongings too. At the park, Jay and Theresa watch Atlanta as she turns the corner of the track and - disappears. Atlanta is actually meeting Arachne, whom hypnotizes and convinces her that her friends aren't really her friends and Arachne is her only friend. The red-head then proceeds to capture her friends one by one and Arachne takes them to a cave which she had made her home. Arachne leaves to fetch Chronus and orders Atlanta to play jailer while she is gone. Atlanta, not in control of herself, gladly complies and threatens her former friends with a rib bone of one of Arachne's past meals. Left alone with the others, Atlanta begins to shake Arachne's control and starts to fight invisible demons which freak her friends out a little bit until Theresa says that she's hypnotized. Archie gets an idea and helps Atlanta to completely thwart the hypnotism, but not before almost revealing is love for her. Now in control, Atlanta frees Archie but is unable to free the others as Arachne returns with Chronus. Both flee deeper into the cave just as Chronus realizes there's only five teenagers, not seven. Arachne leaves to look for Atlanta and Archie and tells them they can't hide forever. Atlanta realizes this is true and pretends to still be under the spider/woman's control. She brings Archie back into the chamber and both act it out until Chronus gives Arachne her human form. Both free the others and Chronus escapes before they can do anything to him. Meanwhile, Atlanta kicks some Arachne-butt until Chronus returns her to her spider form, only smaller. Back at new Olympia, Atlanta apologizes for her actions and convinces Athena to make Arachne human again. Athena does so and Arachne is confused until Atlanta explains that friends help each other.

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