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About This Game

Hazelnut Bastille is a topdown, Zelda-like ARPG, crafted in a 16bit character; it features action-adventure style gameplay. Players will engage with heavily tactical, real-time combat, and experience taxing lateral-thinking puzzles! Explore a vast Overworld which is brimming with content, in the form of secrets, collectibles, mini-games, and story elements! A set of unforgiving Dungeons forms the core experience, as the player obtains a series of items which grants them ever greater control over the world, as well as new powers of traversal, in true Metroidvania fashion!

Players take on the role of a cast-out heroine, setting foot on the shores of a new continent, in the hopes of regaining something which was lost to her! Her fate will be inexplicably intertwined with the sundry crew already living there, as she gets drawn into a baroque plot to unravel the mysteries of this land's original inhabitants!

Players can expect a roughly 20-30 hour experience, with high replay value and bonus content!

Hazelnut Bastille is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux Platforms on Steam, sometime in 2020!

You can find the developer landing page at: https://www.aloftstudio.com/hazelnutbastille

You can download a demo build for Windows / Mac / Linux at: https://www.aloftstudio.com/hbdemobuilds

You can find us on Kickstarter (Now LIVE!), at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1330693854/hazelnut-bastille-a... d859598525

Title: Hazelnut Bastille
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Aloft Studio LLC
Aloft Studio LLC
Release Date: TBA


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