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About This Game

Cricket Captain returns for 2018 with an updated match engine, extensive additions to the records and statistics (including stats of every historical international player), Ireland & Afghanistan as playable test nations, improved internet game, improved coaching, and much more. Put your tactical expertise to the test in the number one cricket management game.

Developed in association with Jimmy Anderson, Cricket Captain 2018 also features a full database update (over 6500 players), with improved player generation, and greater accuracy in limited over player abilities. The latest changes to all domestic structures have been included.

Cricket Captain is unrivalled in cricket management simulation, and Cricket Captain 2018 improves the series once again with all the attention to detail that is the trademark of the series.

Key features for 2018 include:

  • Updates to all domestic systems and 20 over leagues: play updated domestic leagues in India, England, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, and New Zealand.
  • Afghanistan & Ireland career modes: play as one of the two newest test nations in full international career modes.
  • New captaincy offers: receive offers from other teams within your domestic system in your current save.
  • All time-greats: full career records for every player that has ever played international cricket, all playable in historical scenarios.
  • International/domestic ground records: individual, team, and partnership records for over 130 grounds, now split into international and domestic for First Class, One Day and 20 over.
  • Competition/series records: historical competition and series player records for the last two competitions/series.
  • International vs. records: individual, team, and partnership records for all 12 test-playing nations in Test Match, ODI and International 20 Over.
  • Domestic vs. records: individual, team, and partnership records for every domestic team (thousands of new records) in FC, OD, and 20 Over.
  • Historical scenarios: replay five historical scenarios for India or Pakistan in England.
  • International only mode: includes domestic fixtures.
  • New database: full database update with over 6500 players, including improved player generation for limited over ability.
  • Updated tournament modes: including the new OD World Cup format.
  • Improved match engine: with updates to aggressive batting in OD matches and batting reaction to field settings.
  • New coaching options: including opener training, OD bowler technique training and separate fielding coaching.
  • Added player stats: preferred batting position, percentage of 4s and 6s scored; career S/R for all-time great players; maidens bowled.
  • New achievements: including Ireland and Afghanistan achievements.
  • Internet game: improved reliability and more teams to play on-line.

Title: Cricket Captain 2018
Genre: Sports, Strategy
Childish Things Ltd
Childish Things Ltd
Release Date: 13 Jul, 2018


  • OS: Windows 7 SP1/8/10
  • Processor: Intel 1.6Ghz Dual-Core or AMD 1.6Ghz Dual-Core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel - HD 3000 Nvidia Laptop - GeForce 310m Nvidia Desktop - GeForce 510 AMD Laptop - Mobility Radeon HD 2600 XT AMD Desktop - Radeon HD 5450
  • Additional Notes: Windows 7 and 8 users will need to be up to date with their Windows Update, the game will not run on these systems if Update KB 2999226 (Universal C Runtime) is not installed.


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Aweful. Ive spent hours trying to figure out how to improve but this game makes absolutly random decision that ruin the game. The is no training to teach you how to play the game and even with a fairly decent knowledge of the game it throws it back in your face not allowing you to have any fun. Unless this game gets a major update and a complete rehaul to team progression and adding the ability to actully know how to win a match only then I would think about recomending this game. Definitely dont pay 25 NZD for this game. The sad thing is i actually wanted to like it, but instead it continues the tread of aweful cricket games. 2\/10.. I've only played T20 and found the key differance between being all out for <100 in 12 overs and finishing 20 overs at 200+ with wickets left is utterly random luck as both results can be obtained starting from the same save and making the same selections.

So either my choices are meanigless or making the right choices can still lead to utter failure, either way the result is out of my hands.

Cricket Spectator would be more accurate title .. Do you like cricket? No? Then this game is definitely not for you, get out of this review section.

. I keep coming back to it because I want it to be good, but ultimately its let down by two key points:
1. There's no player stats to guide you in who to select, who to give contracts to etc. Any old eleven players will do.
2. T20 is a joke. I cannot believe that the devs have done nothing to fix this farce.

Sadly, there's just not enough going for this game it to recommend it.. Played 3 one day matches using the "play next over" button and not once have I scored 2 or 3 runs. It's always been 0-1-4 or 6 runs scored. Now I have watched and played enough cricket to know that scoring 2 or 3 runs does happen and the odds of facing 900 balls + extras and not seeing one is unbelievable. I have a special beer in the fridge that I will open when someone gets that ellusive 2 or 3. (better check the use by date on that beer)

. This can be a very up and down game, i have had fun playing this game and also some rage inducing moments, one innings the opposing team will score 600-5 on me the next inning i will get them all out for 130. one year i will win all 3 trophies in the australian league next im close to the bottom. I have enjoyed the game overall thusfar although could use some improvements, not knowing how good a player is and relying on form can be dreadful to watch so if you want to play any leagues you don't know a lot about you will struggle big time although if you play in a league you do know a fair bit about the players you might do a lot better. you should also be aware of crashes as i didn't have a huge problem with them to begin with but now my game is crashing every time i select to bat or bowl... either way i suggest waiting for a sale, fun game but probably not worth full price.

Cricket Captain 2018 Version 18.08 released:
Updated Australian 20 Over squads
Updated Australian State squads
Updated Bangladesh 20 Over squads
Fixed wage re-generation issue (did not affect Eng or Aus State players)
Fixed India squad pick issue for 2018 classic series tournament. Cricket Captain 2018 Updated:
Fixed issue with Aus 20 Over League Format (changes at next new season). Cricket Captain 2018 version 18.05 released:
Fixed Jamaica CC vs. records crash
Stopped AI picking inexperienced players for internationals
Fixed custom series crash starting second new game
Internet game fixes
Updated 1000 n/k vs. partnerships
Added Help button to start screen
Added Privacy Policy and EULA to Help
New boundary boards advertising
Demographics for advertising. Cricket Captain 2018 Match Engine and Player Ability Improvements:
We have been working on improvements to the match engine for CC2018, with some significant upgrades to the realism and feel of the game.

  • With the addition of 4% and 6% statistics for every player in the database, we have updated the percentage of fours and sixes scored in the engine. The percentages have been balanced and matched across all game types and player aggression types.
  • Fielders now return to the bowler?s end, and will run batsmen out. This has improved the realism of run-scoring and quick single fielding.
  • Batsmen now react to field settings more realistically, including playing more leg-side shots against heavy offside fields.
  • We have ironed out some bugs with the run scoring at high aggression settings.
  • Issues with replay highlights not matching the internal engine have been resolved.
  • Combined with the new batting position preferences, the AI now sorts #3 to #7 in the batting order on player preference.

Player ability generation has been completely overhauled to make better use of statistics in all forms of cricket.

  • Batsman and bowlers who only played T20 or OD cricket were often under-rated in previous versions. We spent a long time adjusting these players by hand, making use of feedback, but more obscure players would often be missed.
  • We now have a system that makes the most accurate initial rating possible of every player in the world, using all available data.
  • Player ability development has been improved, so that young players with limited stats or re-gens can develop into super-stars later in their careers.
  • A new dynamic player regeneration system which will see a greater variation in how players develop over the course of their careers
. Cricket Captain 2018 18.09 Version Released:
- Fixed hang when wicket fell and change bowler happened at the same time in online game.
- Improved stability of online matches
- Fixed behaviour of escape key when exiting a window (PC only)
- Fixed quick exit of highlights in online game. Cricket Captain 2018 Version 18.07 released -Aus Season update:
Now featuring updated Australia 20 over fixtures for the upcoming season. Squad changes are up to date as of now and will be updated as and when they are announced.

Updated Australian 20 Over Fixtures
Updated Australian 20 Over Squads
Network game stability improvements
Fixes to test teams fixtures in World Cups

. Cricket Captain 2018 Version 18.03 Released:
- Updated Database (+ Rashid change)
- Network game stability improved
- WC qualification based on top 10 teams
- Fixed Kolpak players record list filter
- Windward Islands CC now playable
- Dropbox authentication retained after unticked
- Fixed domestic comp. points (SA, Aus, Ind)
- Added rebel tour and World Series ATG
- Updated NZ ground names
- Updated known squad AI picks
- Fixed banned players AI squad pick issue
- Batting order fix
. Cricket Captain 2018 Updated:
Fixed issue with dropbox failing to sync.. Cricket Captain 2018 version 18.02 released:
- Fixed bug with squad selection loop after 2019 World Cup
- Fixed bug that set player-type icon for youth all-rounders to bat/opener
- Fixed messages reporting incorrect series result
- Updated database based on forum feedback
- Updated fixtures including more Tests for Ire/Afg
- Added message for training batting/bowling/fielding improvement
- Improved final XI batting order
- Fixed ground records message boxes/achievements
- Banned players no longer added to available list
- Added 21 South Africa ATG players from the 70s/80s
- Kolpak players now shown in Player Records screen
- Kolpak players available for all-time-greats series
- Fixed domestic team finance issue (franchise 20over player salary rebates)
- Removed FC/OD friendly matches during 20over comp (caused team selection issue)

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