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The era of the VR weightless, wiggle-sword combat is over. Blade & Sorcery is a medieval fantasy sandbox like no other, focusing on melee, ranged and magic combat that 5d3b920ae0

Title: Blade and Sorcery
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Early Access
Release Date: 11 Dec, 2018


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics:


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Update 4 released! : I'm happy to announce that update 4 has been released and are now live! As a result, the beta is now closed. The changelog below contains all features, changes and fixes I done since update 3. Enjoy! Features - Updated to Unity 2018.3.5 - Reworked hit detection and improved collisions - Throwed objects can now hit multiple enemies at once - New animations - AI will try to dodge incoming attacks - Reworked wave selection menu and added a scrollable wave list (using touchpad or thumbstick) - Added new waves: 1 vs 1, Endless, Very hard, Mercenaries vs bandits, Warzone - Randomized NPC height - Throwing heavy objects is more reliable and will go through enemys defense - Added legs sweeping for bardiche, claymore, spear and mace - Added snap turning in character selection - AI will now stay at distance before engaging into melee if the target is already surrounded (1 to 3 depending of the AI difficulty). - Prevent AI to attack if a friendly unit is close - New option: Invert trigger/grip - New option: Two-handed mode (position, dominant or auto rear/front. Default is auto front now) - Added footstep particles to the sand surface in the arena Changes - Improved weapon handling speed and trajectory - Two handed weapons will use position of hands or dominant hand for orientation depending of your stance on the handle - Head is now harder to penetrate/cut - Slightly reduced mana consumption of lightning - Increased arms strength of NPC when parrying - A strong hit will stop the NPC dying animation (relative to weapon recoil) - Parrying with an arrow will not recoil the attacker - Improved some wood collision effects - NPC slow down approching their destination - Grabbing and throwing a dying NPC will stop the death animation - Increased slow motion speed (0.5x instead of 0.25x) - Increased overall physic quality / precision during normal time - Improved weapon handling during slow motion - Improved NPC hit reaction - Enhanced AI parry prediction - Removed dual wielding for AI (will come back later with dedicated animations) - Reworked footstep to use the collision and FX system - Improved melee damage of NPC - Friends count is now 1/3 the enemies count - Reduced arrow damage for the player - Modified hard waves to mix medium and large shields - Enchanced rubbing and penetration haptic feedback - Reduced spawn delay - Misc weapon balancing Modding - Prevent obsolete mods to be loaded (added version number to JSON files) - Waves: Unlimited number of custom waves - Waves: Added categories and description - Waves: Custom player and enemy health ratio - Waves: Loop support (infinite wave) - Updated UMAPreset version: race field is now a string instead of an enum (sex field is kept for compatibility with the old saves and will be removed later) - Container and brain overrides defined in a creature tables referencing another creature tables will now be applied (in case of multiple overrides, the shortest one will be applied) - Added some haptic parameters in Global.json - Misc new JSON parameters Fixes - Fixed crashes - Fixed haptics issues - Prevent NPC to grab a weapon in their holster if the weapon has been stolen by the player - Fixed NPC falling when running on slope - Fixed brow using hair color - Fixed home fireplace not being affected by audio options - Fixed weapons staying electrified after death - [WMR] Fixed grip and trigger issues on the right controller after going into the menu - [Pimax] Fixed inputs issues - Head shadow are now visible from first person view - Fixed infinite loading when saves are corrupted - Prevent holstering a weapon handled with both hands - Fixed character loading issue when a mace is equipped - Fixed incorrect weapon velocity calculation when moving - Added game version to log files - Fixed weapon lightning propagation not working correctly - Disabled telekinesis spin for potions and shields - Text corrections (thanks to plato!) - Reworked VR UI pointer (improved performance and misc fixes) - Fixed game not loading if the option file is missing - Fixed wrong hand pose for the bow string - Fixed market stairs - Fixed an issue while grabbing an arrow sticked in the same arm as the player hand (could happen while grabbing arrow mid-air) - Fixed bow string animation issue - Fixed movement being a bit slower using the HTC Vive (touchpad issue) - Fixed physics not being the same between normal time and slow motion - Fixed "right click" to "left click" in the character selection inputs warning text - Fixed NPC fighting each other after stopping and restarting a wave - Fixed navigation issue causing NPC to shake - Fixed some issues happening below 50% normal speed - Fixed some lightning issues in the arena - Fixed an issue causing the first 0.25s of an attack animation to be blended/skipped - Fixed the large shield colliding with NPC arms and torso - Head rendering optimizations - Misc perf optimization - Misc internal fixes Next milestone will be update 5 in March.. Early Access Trailer and Release Date : The day has finally arrived, folks! Blade & Sorcery is about to go into Early Access and will be purchasable on Steam.. Official Update 5 Trailer - Update will be live April 4th : Hey, all! The Baron here with news about Update 5.. Update 4.1 released! : Hello guys! I'm mainly working on update 5 currently but I wanted to release a small update today to fix some issues encountered in update 4. Update 4.1 - Fixed black pixels on characters on some ATI cards - Fixed arena very easy wave 3 not starting - Fixed some animations not taking into account the gravity - Fixed some issues when inverting trigger and grip By the way, next update is still planned for March and it should be a good one! You can already expect new features and the first batch of content for the game.. Update 5.3 released! : Just a small update to fix some new issues included in the latest patch (5.2). Changelog: - Force game to windowed mode (1920x1080) to prevent a performance issue in full screen (default resolution can be changed in the Options.opt file) - Fixed an issue causing infinite loading when the game try to load a modded weapon from the save file that doesn't exist anymore - Fixed neck collider staying disabled for new NPC after some beheading - Reduced hand scale - Added a note for the warzone III wave specifying that it's only for high-end configuration (20 NPC!)

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