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In a world where war has been waged for 80 years, the general public revel in televised transmissions of battles, which rage right across the globe.
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Title: Bet On Soldier
Genre: Action
Release Date: 26 Sep, 2005


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Graphics seemed pretty good to me considering the year it came out at(2005). Controls is a little awkward and by little I mean quite a lot. It will take time to get adjust to them. The sensitivity is not like most other shooter games. Voice acting is pretty messed up as well. Fights overall are pretty tough and intense but in a good way. Though, You may find yourself killed by same enemy again and again as some BOS fights can get really tough making you go into tactics rather than running and gunning. The storyline isn't much good imo. Plus, It has been executed in a confusing manner but still easily understandable. I liked the ending part(Not gonna give spoilers but not a "and they lived happily ever after" game). I found story to be a boring tbh but that is just me. The theme of the game is pretty cool. Original and interesting setting for the game to happen. Economic system of the game is pretty interesting imo. I really liked it. Blindly spraying or charging on multiple enemies without engineer have its consequences. It encourages head-shots, multiple kills and so on with less and less spraying. Weapons are quite limited imo but the already existing ones are quite enough to suit all game play styles. It is quite customizable. NPC can be quite dumb at times tho but that can actually make you laugh. Did ran into some bugs while playing and some mission-breaking ones as well but nothing a re-load can't fix. Just load the last save file and kaboom. I found companions not to be of much help apart from engineer. The rest while seemingly interesting didn't do much. There are some cons, yes but I believe the gameplay and the game design overwhelms it. If you have some extra bucks lying around or you find the game on sale, Buy it. But if not, Then don't worry - You aren't missing out on something like a legend. Game is good but not like legend stuff(Tho it can entertain you for many hours).. Decade ago I played this game and like it a lot. Some ideas were cool. That was before modern shooters were a thing, so FPS where you don't run like mad to get bettter accuracy, positioning and else - was refreshing. Didn't beat it, because one of the main bosses (two brothers - champions) was hard as nail. Decade later, today, I got copy of DRMfree (seriously, StarForce creators are living dastards) game, even if it's not most recent version (get 1.3 patch). But whole impression went upside down. I don't think that was matter of my inside changes (new tastes and preferences, abilities) but chance to play better games. Maybe action was too fast? Last time my PC was not powerful, game has lower framerate and it was way easier to shoot these dodging soldats? I was also shocked when I found that enemies can walk on ladder. Yes, they do. When you go deep into game files you find so much wasted potential.. Awesome game, great story, deff worth the price.. Kinda on the fence with this one, the main idea of the game is to complete the 25 missions which takes about 20-30mintues each and you get money for kills and there are mini boss fights or BOS battles that are timed and earn you a large cash bonus and increase your BOS ranking if you kill them within the time otherwise you lose the cash from your current balance then you also get a large bonus after completeing a mission. The combat is semi good, the aim does not really work and is perma stuck to your middle mouse button, basically you can have scope perfectly on someones head and it will still miss, i also didnt like that if you reload with bullets still in your clip you lose all your bullets and that you have to pay cash to save the game, and its not cheap at all plus with limited number of saves it makes it rather difficult since you might only get 5 saves in a large map and each costs about $1000 which is about 10-20 kills plus you need to buy exspensive ammo and repair armor unless you want to hire a merc engineer to repair it, another annoying thing is you not only have to survive but if you weak squishy little merc engineer who likes to stand in front of you and your enemies when the shooting starts dies, then you have to restart at last save. Basically if they took out the paid saves and just have an auto save more often i would find this game more fun but at the moment when you die you go back about 10minutes of gameplay which just makes this super repetitive and boring, i could play on a lower difficulty and just roll on through the enemies but i like a challenge however a challenge without large amounts of repetition is much much more enjoyable. Cutsceenes are crap but graphics are alright, character movements seem average, character sometimes slides around when not pressing any keys and you cant shoot through gaps in meshs like a stack of logs with a gap in the middle. you have to have open line of sight which sucks but you can shoot through see thorugh fences and windows etc overall 5/10 but repetition means i wont recommend.. This game is. strange. Not in a bad way, I find this game to be REALLY FUN.. This needs a repolish. or a remake. then it would be playable. There's a potential that i can sense but. as I said, this must be repolished.. Good oldschool game. Awesome actions and story.. This game is so bad!

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