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Battle Of The Bulge Download Without License Key

Battle Of The Bulge Download Without License Key

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About This Game

Set during what the historian Antony Beevor called "Hitler's Last Gamble", Battle of the Bulge provides an immersive experience on a tactical/operational level, putting the player in command of the Allies or the German forces fighting each other in several scenarios in one of the most brutal and wild environments of Western Europe: the snow-covered forest of the Ardennes!

Command infantry, mechanized and armoured units in hard fights through the various phases of the offensive, taking into account the nature of the terrain and its effects on the assailants and defenders.

You don't only have to face a direct military confrontation, you have to learn how to manage your supply routes, being careful not to rely on easy solutions! A quick breakthrough into enemy lines could lead your units being isolated with a high risk of being outflanked by enemy counterattacks!

Time will be another factor not to underestimate. In Battle of the Bulge, scenarios have a time limit with several "semi-historical" events affecting your conduct of operations in different ways.

Take control of iconic elite units on both sides, such as the 101 Airborne Division or the Kampf Gruppe Peiper, and replace the losses on the hottest spots of the frontline!

Challenge Bradley, Dietrich, von Rundstedt and other historical commanders with an ad hoc re-written AI -each with different play styles to choose!

Alternatively try to outsmart your friends - whatever their favourite gaming platform - in simple multiplayer encounters or test your skills with the new Tournament feature, providing infinite replay value to the game!

New Features from the 2015 version

  • New multiplayer system (Slitherine's PBEM) supporting: cross-platform (PC/IOS/Mac), paired matches, private matches and tournaments
  • Re-written AI for both sides (Allies and Axis).
  • Added a Language selector and a Master volume buttons in settings
  • 4k resolution support
  • A PC-like save feature, with slots and auto-save per turn
  • Extensive historical photos and commentary.

  • Play against AI opponents with unique personalities
  • Fast turns, deep strategy
  • Play scenarios like the quick, tense, fight in the opening days to a campaign covering the entire battle as either the Axis or the Allies
  • Learn with the tutorial and quick start guide, or visit our online strategy forums to learn from other players
  • Full rules, charts, tables and other information included for advanced players
  • Extensive historical photos and commentary
  • Localized for Spanish and Japanese
  • First in a series of WWII titles by legendary designers including: John Butterfield, Ted Raicer, and Mark Herman

Title: Battle of the Bulge
Genre: Strategy
Shenandoah Studio
Slitherine Ltd.
Release Date: 17 Sep, 2015


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The most accessible WW2 wargame I've ever come across. Hardcore grognards may scoff at the "streamlined" nature of the affair, but for those of us just looking to move some tanks around and dip our toes in, this is a must-buy, particularly given the discount price.

I've played about eight rounds of the first scenario today, which is several more times than I've played most other wargames at all. Highly recommended!. This is a review for game called Battle of Bulge.
If you know history, you can easily understand that this game covers last major push of Germany in WW2. The Ardennes, 1944 December. Game lets you play for Allies or Germans. Like in Drive on Moscow there are 5 scenarios covering all battle of episodes of it. This game lets you select even wider range of opponents. If you play vs Allies there are: Montgomery, Patton and Bradley, and if you play vs Germans: Von Rundstedt, Dietrich and Von Manteuffel. Selecting generals means that they can attack or defend differently. This is a great game that is easy to learn and doesnt take much time to understand it. Great strategy game, and on sale its better to buy it with Drive on Moscow, two great games in the same bundle! Only bad things are that "luck" factor can sometimes be weird and some achievements are bugged. But its only few problems in great game.. I like it. But please take a little time to understand the game.
If you just jump in and start moving units frustration builds quickly.
You really need to read the user guide before you make up your mind.
Buy it, read the guide, play the first scenario, switch sides, play again (see how the computer plays against you).
That sold me on the game. It's a game, not a simulation. Enjoy it as a game.
If you still don't like it, you will be within the limits for a refund.

Again, it uses a different system so don't use the same approach you do with other wargames.
It is abstract but that is necessary given the scale and play time intended.
You do need to think a few moves ahead, which is good.

Activate an area, move the units from that area you chose, engage in battle when the enemy shares the area in which you end your move.

So... you must plan ahead to ensure the area you activate has the units you need (which you achieve by previous activations and movement).

The concerns about "realism" are overblown. Choices were made. It's a game. Play the game.
If you read the guide the choices are easier to accept (unless you are just looking for reasons to fuss).

Replayability depends on how much you leverage the options. Change sides, change commander style, etc.

I got it half off and find it worth that price.

. Despite the simplicity and generally appealing look, this game fails to deliver.

- The AI is terrible, absolutely terrible, regardless what 'personality' or which scenario is chosen. It doesn't hold good ground, it has no idea how to buy time or build for a counterattack, and on the attack it has no idea how to prosecute an offensive. Choosing the Axis side in 'Bitter End' should be brutally hard, but by singlemindedly advancing on Verviers, Liege and Namur you can permanently cripple the Allies through squatting their reinforcement zones (don't forget to send one of your weaker mechanised divs to capture Arlon and shut down their southern reinforcements as well). Playing the Allies, the AI German strike is poorly focussed and easily stymied - and they will respond to your buildup of force on their flanks in no way at all.
- The map's tiny.
- Axis, 'Bitter End': from 24th December on the game processes every other day as 'Two consecutive passes, day over' without actually giving you a chance to move.
- The premise of the game (area activation of units) promotes force concentration over dispersal to far too great a degree.
- Too much is left to the clock - time advances with little relation to what's happening on the map.
- Various graphical and interface bugs (sudden shaking, erroneous popups) should really have been ironed out before release.. Battle of the Bulge is a fast-paced WW2 game where precise movement and detailed planning make the difference between a vain attempt and a brave operation.. I've had a great time playing it against a friend. It's a cool little game. The design is pretty slick and elegant, nothing fancy.. Very good game. What I like is the simplicity. You can play this game immediately and have a good game with the AI wrapped up in 30-60 minutes. The real enjoyment is verus other players and PBM. It is a cross of chess and a traditional board wargame. The game is well balanced and both sides will be on offense and defense for roughly half the game. You do need to know the nuances of the rules but they are not overly complex. I hate when I play games that are about say Operation Barbarosa and you have to get down to the detail of how many tires need to be ordered for your motorized units...if you take my meaning. This game does not have that detail. Your big issues will be guessing the enemy's next move, concentrating your forces for offensive action and sometimes trying to withdraw from sticky situations. Offense and defense both take skill and preplanning. This is because once your forces are committed and engaged it gets hard to unengage and redirect. I feel this is historically accurate.

My only mild dislike is the combat system which often produces insane results on the extremes. A small single point unit holds off an entire Panzer Corps or Armored Corps. While smaller units can delay they could never stop such an attack especially for a day or two. However, the luck tends to average out and it is not usually completely determinative. Things absolutely will go wrong or against you at times but I feel that is accurate, too within a certain range. Combat never ever goes like your initial plan, at least not for long.

I give this game a top rating as for me it is the best kind of game to play. Virtually 100% of your time is spent on moving and playing and not game management. You will stare at the map considering your next move carefully as the sequence of your moves is as important as the tactical plan itself, much like chess.

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