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Valley Of The Wolves: Ambush Full Movie In Hindi 1080p Download

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Original Title: Valley Of The Wolves: Ambush

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Thriller



















































Valley of the Wolves, the legendary action drama, centers around Polat Alemdar and follows his journey to serve his country by trying to uncover the truth and defeating the secret enemies aka the controllers of the global power.
Weird it is that some Turkish audience call this junk as "legend".

Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu AKA Valley of Volves Ambush, is an over stretched TV serial that deals with a team of self employed Turkish "world savers" by bare feast and pistols. The serials has all the negative quality aspects: Absymal action scenes, laughably bad choreographed fighting, funny plot lines and loads of self ego boost and nationalism pump!

Those who call this rubbish "legend" must have never seen a proper foreign action movie or serial. As IMDb does not have a "below zero" voting system I give this a 1 out of 10. When I heard all Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu idea, I asked myself about how it could be or what could "Pana Film" could tell now. However, Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu became very successful similar to Kurtlar Vadisi. They are on the 50th episode right now and that seems that it will reach 100 episodes.

If we look at the characters of Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu, it's seen that team of Polat Alemdar is again saved in the series. Polat Alemdar is again the national hero and the person of justice. Justice of Polat Alemdar is very crucial in the series because he's in war with the bad people that laws do nothing. Polat Alemdar takes revenge of innocent people from them. Also he works for the Turkish Government leading the National Security Organization (Kamu Güvenliği Teşkilatı 'KGT' in Turkish ). This shows his legal face however it cannot be said that he does everything according to the book. He can make use of extreme methods when necessary. He also contradicts in the love he has for his country and his friends & family. In this series we observe that Polat misses his dead girlfriend Elif. Therefore he does not want other girls however his mother insists him to go on and find a girl to marry. There is also a secret side of Polat Alemdar that he works for the "Teşkilat". Teşkilat is a deep state of Turkish people which is said to rule over centuries. Polat is selected as the leader of the Turkish people from there to lead the Turkey and to lead the world. And we will see what he will do.

There are also other characters in Polat's team. Memati and Abdülhey are his right and left hand. Memati is a dominant character whose name means death. He can easily kill people and he is a tough guy. He can get very angry in most of the times. He can do things without thinking its consequences due to his extreme rage. On the other hand Abdulhey is more obedient to the commands. He does what Polat says exactly. Like Polat he has history with the government. He is the second headman of National Security Organization.

The biggest enemy of Polat Alemdar is İskender Büyük (Great Alexander). İskender Büyük wants to take control of all the agencies in the country. He is in a competition with Polat Alemdar and they try to kill each other in every opportunity they get. İskender Büyük is a diabetic. He can spend his own people very easily in order to reach his goals which is opposite of Polat. Because Polat cares about his people and he does not want them to get hurt. İskender Büyük also manipulates other people to make terrorist attacks in the country. He supports them both financially and mentally. He also wants to cause chaos in the country to show that the people who manage the country do not manage good so they need to be changed.

There is also Ömer Baba in the series. He is a religious man who was an ex-imam (Muslim religious leader or priest in a mosque). He gives lectures about being a good person in every episode. And in the Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu, everybody listens what he says. He is a great speech maker that talk with people when they are sad and he tells stories to them about life. I also like Ömer Baba very much everybody must listen to him according to my idea.

There is also Muro in Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu. There is also a movie about him called "Muro Nalet olsun içimdeki insan sevgisine". Muro is a very funny character that make audience laugh and think. However he is also a dark person who was a terrorist. He also has helpers called Yıldırım and Çetin who do exactly what Muro says and even die for him.

I have been watching Kurtlar Vadisi since 2003. I think Kurtlar Vadisi evolves with time. It tells truth in a different way and makes us to think about those issues. Also it's a great action, crime, drama movie with funny scenes and character. It gives most of the things that audience can look for. Also in every episode we feel a different excitement and we look for other episode to take play. Also every episode likes a movie film it depends between 80 to 95 minutes which is very difficult to make. Kurtlar Vadisi played 150 episodes from 2003 to since now and it's not very easy to make an action TV-Series in this length. We know that Prison Break and 24 plays only 40 minutes in each episode. When we compare Kurtlar Vadisi with them we just need to congratulate the producers and writers of Kurtlar Vadisi. To conclude, Kurtlar Vadisi is the best TV-Series in Turkey that is ever made and everyone should see it.

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