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About This Game

unWorded is an innovative Narrative Puzzle Game where everything is built from letters. Use your imagination to create objects by assembling letters together and discover the story of a writer hospitalized after a serious accident...

Dive into his damaged mind and experience his inner creative world through strange and wondrous tales. Help the writer reassemble his memory and thoughts in this narrative text-based puzzler. Think outside of the box, drag letters and signs around on the canvas to form pictures worth thousand words. Divided into five books tracing back the author memories, Unworded is a unique, emotionally-engaging and story-driven indie masterpiece that appeals to the inner workings of human complex minds with its poetic and dreamlike puzzles full of letters.

Artistic statement

unWorded is born from a profound love for typography. Letters not only convey meaning but can also bring a strong sense of space. We asked ourselves if we could build an entire world out of simple letters? How would it look like? What feeling would we get, if we were to immerse ourselves in such an universe?! With that came along the desire to dive into a writer's head and his thoughts, to see how memories form themselves to bubble up to the conscient mind. We finally chose a very simple but engaging gameplay experience, assembling letters to create objects, each one triggering an important memory of the author. One key aspect for us was the intimacy the player would experience with the writer, actively participating in his introspection.

We really wanted to tell a story about feelings and thoughts through unWorded. The game deals with the subject of grief, it is something we all have to go through but that not easy to discuss. The player would have to live each phase of grief along with the author: shock and denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. The unWorded story is about a children's book writer, who was just hospitalized after a serious accident. As his wife at his bedside reads to him fairy tales of his own creations, you dive into his mind, sharing his last thoughts as he reminisces about his life and past works, standing with him at the death's door!

The unWorded team

Bento has been making mobile games since 2010. Based in Lyon, the team is made of two passionate individuals who were brought together by a common project: making original and creative games. Benoit breathes life in the games, making art, sounds and musics, while Séverin gets the engine running with his programming. With unWorded the Bento team accomplishes their long-awaited dream of doing a narrative game conveying a truly meaningfull story! 1075eedd30

Title: unWorded
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Bento Studio
Plug In Digital
Release Date: 10 Oct, 2017


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I don't really have much to say about this game. It's not a great game, but the concept was interesting and just challenging enough to be kind of fun. The color and sound design were nice, and I think the minimalistic style worked for what they were going for. It looked really polished except for some of the typing errors that really stood out. For example, there were one or two "i" that weren't capitalized. Honestly, the story was the weakest part. If you want to experience the mechanics of the game, go ahead and buy it, but don't expect to feel any real attachment. The price isn't too bad for such a short game, but if you catch it on sale, even better. I wish it had better writing and was longer, but it is what it is.. On very rare occasions a game comes along that is so powerful and interesting, so moving and clever and original, that I think to myself, \u201cHad I created such a thing, I would be content to be remembered for it, and it alone, for all time.\u201d UNWORDED may be only the second such game in over thirty years of gaming.

The basic premise of unWorded is to form pictures from letters, based on the clues offered within a connected story. And a larger story is told by the various, seemingly unconnected stories, actually presented as individual, titled books.

unWorded can be challenging, but the underlying concepts are so crucial to all of humanity that the developers chose to make each and every puzzle accessible to pretty much every possible player. (Perhaps there was a single puzzle that took as much as five minutes, but certainly complexity of puzzle isn\u2019t the point. Complexity of life is.) There is more wisdom in this short, simple story than more gamers are likely to find should they combine every game they might play this entire year.

These developers took a considerable risk with some of the more powerful themes concerning man\u2019s destructive tendencies, but they felt that chance worth taking, and I salute them for it. Far too often games ignore the things we play games to forget, rather than address. This game takes no such easy outs. unWorded reaches into your heart, mind, and soul, and pulls out something you may not have known was there. And then another, and another, and another\u2026and then squeezes all those pieces together right in front of you, too close to continue

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