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Towtruck Simulator 2015 Pack

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About This Game

In this simulation, the player works as the owner a large car park, on which the towed vehicles will be parked. A huge armada of different towing vehicles is ready to go. T 5d3b920ae0

Title: Towtruck Simulator 2015
Genre: Simulation
United Independent Entertainment GmbH
United Independent Entertainment GmbH
Release Date: 11 Mar, 2014


  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Processor: 2,4 GHz Pentium or 100% compatible CPU
  • Memory: 2 G


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Waste of my money. Save your money; dont buy this game.. bought this game over a week ago still will not start what a waste of money. I bought it out of shear curiosity, wondering how terrible the game really was because let's be honest here, no game has terrible reviews without positive ones. I soon found out that my tow truck has an extra chromosome and cannot lift its own arm. The vehicle physics are something you would find in a driving simulator from 2002. You have more fun downloading the game and laughing at how horrid it really is than actually playing it. Honestly, only buy it when its 90% off because its only worth 99 cents of laughs. Absolutely trash game, will never play it again in my lifetime.. worst simulator i ever played !!! the crane for the towtruck is too slow, bad graphics (im running it on max) there is no tutorial DONT BUY THIS GAME !!!!. why did i buy this????. Terribly slow gameplay, useless support. That is all.. The tow truck shown on the "cover" or "box" of this game, isn't the same type of tow truck in the game. The game tow truck is a lift - maybe Euro style? The cover shows a ramp n chain style tow truck.was hoping for multiple trucks, but only thing they give you is lift. :( Would have liked to see Hook n Chain, boom style for Semis, ramp n chain, etc. Not worth the buy at this time. Seems like a Beta.

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