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About This Game

The realm of the living has been corrupted to its core and a storm is coming to change the world order. This storm is you, a mighty Necromancer, a sorcerer who denies death and leads the legions of the dead. Clerics and lords hope to hide behind high walls, but there’s no stronghold to cover them from your wrath. Smite hundreds of those standing in your way and turn them into your tools on a way to a greater purpose.

The Unliving is a dynamic roleplay rogue-lite action with strategic elements. Raise the undead, use numerous spells and explore a mystical world, created in authentic pixel-art style.

Each fallen foe can be resurrected and added to your army to create unlimited legions of the dead. Turned creatures have their own abilities. For example, a raised priest who was able to bless others, will curse your enemies.

Only some of the living are helpless victims. The rest can retaliate against your forces. They hold the line, move in large groups and they have powerful abilities too. They will sell their lives dearly, so you’ll have to show all your undead lord’s talents to defeat them.

The world is generated randomly for each walkthrough and it is created rich with creatures, artifacts, secret rooms and deadly traps. Each part of the world is populated with unique indigenous inhabitants - in villages you can find feeble peasants to easily reinforce your army, in swamps you can lose another one of your lives to pincers of giant clanchers.

Collect cryptic notes, force out of your enemies answers, study the writings on the ancient artifacts to gather the lost memories of the Necromancer piece by piece, reveal the true nature of his immortality, secrets of his phylactery companion and find out the grim truth about the supreme hierarchies of the Church.

Face the strongest creatures of this world, challenge yourself to show off your skills. Each boss has a unique combat style and abilities and you’ll have to think through your actions to defeat them.

Ability to deny death itself is the greatest secret of the Necromancer. Another mortal strike is merely a setback for him. Take a lesson from your deaths and don’t let your enemies catch you the same way twice.

Title: The Unliving
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
RocketBrush Studio
RocketBrush Studio
Release Date: 2019

English,Russian,French,German,Simplified Chinese,Korean,Japanese

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Join our Discord:

We're glad to tell you that we've launched our official Discord server! Join to see our work-in-progress updates on The Unliving or just have a friendly chat with the devs

https://discord.gg/wGFchxT. Necromancy Basics:
Some people ask us: is this some kind of Tower Defence game? Nope, this is not TD. In The Unliving you play as a hero who moves freely through the game locations. To clarify the basics of the future gameplay, we made these short clips for you:

1. Kill some weak opponents

2. Raise them as obedient undead minions

3. Practice controlling them

4. Use them to defeat more enemies
. Skeletons Redesign:

We’re getting first feedback from you and it seems that our skeletons look alike because of their heads, although there are 3 types of them in the game and will be more. So we started changing their design to make them look more distinct in a massive necromancer's army.

. Official PC Wallpaper:

Would you like to have the official PC wallpaper of The Unliving?

Grab it in 1440p size here: https://i.imgur.com/2gX6quL.jpg

The first devlog is coming soon!

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