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Soul Saber 2 Activation Code [Ativador]

Soul Saber 2 Activation Code [Ativador]

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About This Game

Extreme high speed (rip off)teamwork action has arrived on Steam, in the form of a shooting game!
As a Droid soldier, fight through the 6 on 6 online/offline team battle, and achieve victory!

19 characteristic battle droids

Female, Male, and Mech... Each droid has an individual designed model.
Earn victory points to unlock all of them!

Costume Break

Rip the pants off of your enemy, with clothing-affected battle damage!

Available Tactics

Melee, Fire support, High mobility, Defender, Sniper, and all-around types, various tactics are available.
All droids and weaponry have individual strengths and weaknesses.
Encounter battles where the stakes may change at any second, and maximize the advantage! It's simple, and supports customization for maximum enjoyment!

2 fully customizable sets of Control (Novice and Expert) supported!

2 Control sets(Novice and Expart) are supported, and both of them are fully customizable.
Even beginners will enjoy the high-speed battle from their first playthrough, but will act quicker, and more accurately depending on their skill level.

Title: Soul Saber 2
Genre: Action, Indie
Henteko Doujin
Release Date: 15 Mar, 2017


  • OS: Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 10
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz
  • Memory: 1000 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0b compatible
  • DirectX: Version 9.0b
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 1000 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible
  • Additional Notes: Gamepad is highly recommended. Low latency broadband is required for multiplayer.

English,Japanese,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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I'm following this game since the earliest public beta version because something catched my interest in its theme. Soul Saber 2 is a class based game with heavy focus on strenght and weakness. Each class has the right tools to literally obliterate an another class, while lacking everything necessary to protect themselves from a third class. Of course it is possible to get on something you weak against but not face to face when both aware of each other. Some characters can be considered as hybrid which makes it easier to deal with multiple classes but renders its speciality more weaker as you can expect that. Characters differs a lot and cost different amount from the team gauge upon death, which depends on their overall effectiveness or potential. The AI at its most difficult setting is fully aware of these, and honestly Soul Saber 2 is one of the few class based games where the computer controlled characters are using the given tactical options.

The online mode didn't changed since its first publication sometimes in 2009. A simple server-client method where someone host a server and the other 11 players can connect by the host's IP address. The netcode is quite good for a game that was developed by a single person. I haven't tested the Steam version online yet, but the equal DLsite version didn't had problems even with higher distance between the players. Additionally, if the server has no enough players for the server set team size the game fills the empty places with AI controlled bots.

While I thought it is obvious, when I read through the reviews I found it sad how many complained about its lack of depth. It is not true. This game is very deep when it comes to weapons, weapon effectiveness against the different classes, damage modifiers depending on the status of the target, and the melee combo and counter methods. It is very hard to master these and it still will be more or less random during matches as the game itself is very fast. Still you can get the upper hand when you see the opening and knows the way how to strike through it the most effectively.. Neat little fighting game with cute characters. The graphics aren't the best, but once you get a hang of the controls it can be pretty fun.. Gameplay: 2\/10
Game Controls: 4\/10
Characters: 4\/10
Character Design: 6\/10
Character Development: 2\/10
Story: n\/a
Storytelling: n\/a
Graphics: 6\/10
Music: 2\/10

Additional informations (*):
---. It's fun and the waifus are cute but all you can do is play against bots. I can't play with friend. Probably not worth your money, spend it on something else. Pros of this game:
1. Extremely low system requirements to run the game smoothly
It's rare for a combat game to not to require a Nvidia dGPU (due to how primitive the game itself is) to run at full potential. In fact, my PC which still uses intel HD 4000 can run this game with no problems at all. This is very good for people like action/combat games but they can't have super good PCs to support Estival Versus.
2. Boobs. No need to say more.
3. Psuedo-gundam exvs playstyle
As this game makes use of the same "invincible" system from Gundam, you will be invincible if you are downed. But this needs some improvements which will be stated below.

Cons of this game:

1. Too primitive to get it going
Yeah, sure enough this is a Doujin game released around 2014 and started at 2008 which means it is a game made for fun by non-professionals, but the game feels kinda chunky. Even the startup screen, although allows more customization before launch, feels extremely primitive and inferior to some free games, which is strange for a combat game like this.

2. Control not optimized for PC very well - Since this game is most likely made for controllers, it is hard to control if you are on keyboard. This is especially bad since this is a PC-originated game instead of a port from XBOX.

3. No story - Sure not much games have a story, but can't the producers put at least an ecchi story (especially when this game tore off clothes even more crazily than EV)? You just battle and that's it.

4. Battle system needs refining
-Only one or two ammo type and one melee etc etc all makes the game fun but not excellent. Almost no ammo limitation (especially that sniper rifle which can fire almost indefinitely) makes game imbalanced.
-The invincibility is too short for the player (and you cannot move good enough to do something meaningful), and is exploited by even bots where they can just whack your♥♥♥♥♥almost immediately when you stand up.
-You also don't really get an idea on when you will be invincible as you are still kicked when you are on the ground lying. Even you do become invincible at certain point you are still killed as you usually could not attack back.
-Controlling is extremely messy as certain characters have different attack pattern at different ranges, such as the girl with big sword cannot throw her sword and is forced to rush attack despite sometimes the sword throw can come in handy at that range like how Blue Astray throws its big sword as an entry-denial weapon, nor you can try shooting enemies with the sniper rifle as you are also forced to do a rush attack if you are the sniper characters. Never mind that the units move super fast making aiming attack extremely difficult.

5. Extremely imbalanced gameplay
There is a reason why Gundam EXVS is designed this way and is considered less imbalanced Davy Jones dude.
Shooting machines/girls absolutely♥♥♥♥♥♥on meleeing characters when from afar as they can lock on like much farther away from the map and kill anything before they can even see them, while melee characters basically murder everyone when on close range as shootings can't even think about retailating due to not having a more obvious/effective stun mechanism and their melee even barely works. That is not how game balance works. Sure it might be circumvented if you have multiplayer, but this game doesn't have multiplayer if you don't know anybody that is also playing the game and has his/her IP (and the host server is shut down already after beta), making the team-playing thing totally moot as bots rarely do something about meleeing characters kicking shooting ones'♥♥♥♥♥
In Gundam EXVS although almost every weapon are homing by nature, the enemy can still cut off tracking of said weapons such that they can avoid getting hit and get near the opponents easier, while shooting machines can still use melee/certain effect weapon which can stun meleeing machines when they get dangerously close to protect themselves, which is almost impossible in this game. Because you cannot sidestep/BD dash, nor the big/powerful guns have ammo limits like Gundam does however, you are basically totally dead against bots who have crazily good aim, never mind that they can do this from extremely far away, and you are totally hopeless when you are camped by a melee-orientated bot. And btw, bots knew the game system much better than you, so you will be having a hard time trying to hit them while they know what to use to deal with you.

Overall this game definitely needs an update to improve all the such, but not bad for a game that costs less than 10 US dollars, though not recommended unless you want boobs and some thing to play with.. Great game with to much potential . love the action , its simple fun and filled with fanservice in anime stile . <3 needs more stuf and reworck but its fine.

1. Best boobs physics i ever seen
2. You can play with one hand on keybord (this is no joke)


1. There is no gameplay

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