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Original Title: Sons Of Mogh

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Sci-Fi































Worf hasn't heard anything from his brother Kurn since Chancellor Gowron brought the glory days of the House of Mogh to an end. All of the sudden, he arrives on the station and asks Worf to perform the Mauk-to'Vor ritual. He wants to regain his honor in the next life. Since suicide is out of the question, Kurn believes only Worf is capable of giving him his honor back by killing him. Meanwhile, Kira and O'Brien are on their way home. Near the Bajoran border, they are startled by a sudden high energy discharge. It looks like a cloaked ship exploded, but there's no debris. When the two want to take a closer look, a Klingon warship stops them. They claim to be conducting military exercises. Kira doesn't trust it, neither does Sisko. He gives permission to take the Defiant for a better look.
Worf's brother Kurn asks him to perform a death rite to regain his lost honor. Meanwhile, Kira and O'Brien investigate Klingon activity near the Bajoran border.
When Worf's brother Kurn arrives on Deep Space Nine it is not a happy occasion; Worf's refusal to leave Star Fleet and fight for the Empire has left his family stripped of its land, status and worst of all its honour. This has little effect on Worfhe had little to do with the Empire but Kurn can't live with the dishonour and insists Worf carries out a Klingon ritual and kills him. Reluctantly Worf agrees but he is interrupted by Dax and Odo and Kurn survives. Odo offers him a job with his security team but has to let him go when it becomes clear that he still has a death wish. While this is happening on the station Kira and O'Brien have a run in with the Klingons on the Bajoran border, they claim to be on routine exercises but the evidence suggests that they are in fact sowing a minefield. When one of the Klingon ships accidentally triggers a mine it is towed to DS9 and Worf and Kurn go aboard to discover the locations and detonation codes of all the cloaked mines. With this information it is possible to destroy the field which would have cut Bajor and DS9 off from the Federation. Kurn still wants to die but Dax come up with a way for him to live without the dishonour; it does mean Worf will still lose his brother though.

This was a good episode with both action and good character development. As has happened before Worf finds himself divided between his Klingon heritage and his loyalty to Star Fleet and its laws. Tony 'Candyman' Todd did a good jobKurn even though I didn't recognise him under his Klingon make up.
Life for Worf has not been easy. He was orphaned at a young age and was raised by humans--and he longs to fit in better with his fellow Klingons. However, his path on his quest to be an uber-Klingon has been very bumpy to say the least. For a while, he was ostracized by the Klingons when his father was accused after his death of begin a traitor. When Worf FINALLY redeems his father's good name and becomes a trusted friend with the new Klingon leader, this wonderful period is very short-lived. When the Cardassian-Klingon war occurred, he refused to fight for the Klingons--siding with the Federation. And,a result he was once again ostracized! Now in "Sons of Mogh", you realize just how bad things are for Worf's brother--who, according to Klingon tradition, is equally to blame for Worf's actions! Life sucks to be a son of Mogh--anda result of this, the brother, Kurn, wishes to die. How will this problem be solved without Worf helping his brother to kill himself?!

Tony Todd, a fine actor who ALSO played Jake Siskoan adult makes his final performanceKurn. But he doesn't die AND he manages to salvage his honor. How?! See the show.

This is a good and sad episode--one that further illustrates the lonely path Worf must travel in life. Well written and worth seeing.

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