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RHEM II SE: The Cave Torrent Download [full Version]

RHEM II SE: The Cave Torrent Download [full Version]

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About This Game

RHEM II SE - The Cave Special Edition expands the huge world of the original RHEM 2 by a new unseen area with many new puzzles and challenges. The additional goal is to find one quarter of a medaillion that you may need in the exploration of the upcoming RHEM V.

RHEM II SE - The Cave Special Edition is an intricate pure-puzzle first person adventure game. The player explores a hidden city far beneath the earths surface. RHEM II SE features non-linear gameplay non-violent story and mind-bending puzzles. Having discovered entry to a hidden underground city you will venture ever deeper as you explore a maze of clandestine caves, secret rooms and intricate walkways tunnels and water systems.

- first person graphic-adventure
- point-and-click mouse-navigation
- mind-bending puzzles for Mac and PC
- non-violent story
- non-linear gameplay
- thousands of images and animations
- stereo-environment-sound

NEW compared to the original RHEM 2
- extended version of the original RHEM 2
- new area and new puzzles
- build-in color-picker

RHEM II SE is a graphic adventure (point-and-click, pre-calculated first person). The virtual world is shown through the eyes of the players. The environment consists of individual pictures covering a 360-degree view. Navigation takes place through going forward, turning left/right, etc. In principle, each standpoint has four views. In the virtual world, one must have in advance different puzzles to unlock, representing both collection and use. 7ad7b8b382

Title: RHEM II SE: The Cave
Genre: Adventure
Knut Mueller
Runesoft GmbH
Release Date: 3 Oct, 2018


Rhem II is pure madness when it comes to puzzle density and observance. You will have to keep track of hints, mechanisms, and paths. Here is some advice for those who dare to enter the cave:

* Always look what is in every side of every door. Always go through every path in both directions.
* Look at wires so that you can see what things trigger whatever.
* Some buttons have to be pushed for a few seconds.
* Remember decoration in the environment can contain puzzle hints. Everything everyone has said so far is right on the money: This is a puzzle-lovers game! I can't stand the story-line adventure games; they're so trite. There is a story, but it's only purpose is to tell you you're looking for "something".
I am, indeed, a physics teacher, so it goes without saying that Richard Feynman's final chalkboard saying applies here. "What I cannot create I do not understand." I've played all of them at least five times now over the past decade or so, and there are so many puzzles and so many clues that I am almost starting over each time. I usually pile up a half-inch of 3x5 cards with clues, maps and calculations. (I make sure to throw them away when I finish, though.) Part of the fun that hasn't been mentioned yet is the challenge of thinking up a way to simply represent the puzzle operation symbolically. This is a thinking game. There are no instructions, apparently, but by the time you've finished you'll agree that the game is just full of instructions - that is if you can recognize them as instructions. Stay away from the walkthroughs; read IceHippo's review - that's how it goes.
I'm running on a PC under Win 7. I recommend choosing the windowed mode over the full-screen mode. At times the full-screen mode left my screen in the limited resolution mode with lots of icons missing. I had to change the resolution to something else then back to get my messy desktop back in good shape. No problem with the windowed mode, though; the game images are the same size anyway.
Gift it to your friends; they'll hate you at first, but will consider it a compliment when they get the hang of it.
(Something is wrong with my stat on this game; I've played a lot more than 0.8 hours in the past two weeks.)
(Addendum after finishing) The SE area that was added is another of Knut's wonders! He redefines the meaning of the word 'maze', and the puzzles (quite a few) are on a par with all his others. Go for it!

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