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Experience LUXOR in stunning HD! Answer the call of the goddess, Isis, in this addictive marble-shooter game. Chains of colored spheres are working their way through ancient Egypt, and it’s up to you to stop them before they reach the pyramids. Wielding your mystical winged-shooter, you must fire colored orbs into the chain to make matches of three or more, and eliminate the spheres from the chain. Clear out the entire chain, and you’ll work your way up to the next level.

Customize your shooter to play LUXOR just how you like it with two different types of aim assist and three control system choices to mix-and-match. Face off with the approaching spheres in four different game modes: Practice, Adventure, Survival, and Challenge of Horace.

To help you in your quest, power-ups like Fireballs, Lightning Bolts and Multi-Colored Spheres will fall from the sky—use them to create thrilling special effects as they aid you along your journey!

Key Features:
•25 all-new backgrounds in High Definition
•88 levels of marble-shooting puzzles
•4 Game modes: Practice, Adventure, Survival, & Challenge of Horus
•Collect Ankh coins to earn extra lives
•Catch falling gems to earn bonus points
•Customizable controls: Mix-and-match aim assist modes & control systems
•Enhanced special effects designed for the iPad
•Power-ups like Stop, Slow, Reverse and Wild help you along the way
•Thrilling music and sound effects 7ad7b8b382

Title: Luxor HD
Genre: Casual, Strategy
Release Date: 11 May, 2015


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The game is good and beautiful, but the levels become so quick and long that the tag "Casual" isn't appropriate, to my opinion. But if you like shooters, you can try it.. It's still Luxor. Sometimes the UI doesn't seem to be designed for windowed mode, I occasionally get an overhang of half a bubble saying "<Achievement Name>". That's my most major gripe, so if that's a dealbreaker, please avoid.. Zuma got me here. I wanted to get this due to the similar gameplays.. Fun game to relax or make yourself sleepy. Pretty long also.. This is a HD remake of the Luxor franchise of match-3 ball matching games. Using a mechanic similar to Bust-A-Move (which they invariably ripped off to make this franchise), the balls follow a track instead of being stuck together on the ceiling. Otherwise the gameplay is identical.

This particular edition crashes immediately as soon as you interact with it, chewing up 100% of one CPU and locking every desktop you have so you need to switch users or log out to terminate the process. So not only is it unplayable, it's a complete frustration to kill it and recover your PC after it dies on you. This should be removed from Steam. $14.50 for a broken game... nope.. This game is shiny, but 100% bad design in every other aspect - I loved Zuma, played for many hours (before Steam), this one is so annoying that I want to uninstall before completing it once.

This game is best enjoyed if you don't want to complete it, but play the first few levels (6-8). At that point you have 18-20 lives and a lot of suffering ahead. You can get through with 25-30% points earned (all gems wasted), but there is no sense of accomplishment, unlike in Zuma, where you build gaps, combos and shoot through for juicy points.

This one punishes clever plays, trying to build combos - or wasting balls - is considered inaccuracy, -60k points (30%).
High percentage of maps contradicts the game design of shooting balls upwards. Very often have to wait 10+ seconds to shoot.
There is a limit of 1 shot per second.
The game tries to help when the snake is close to the end, giving you just one color. Best effect when you can't shoot it for 30+ seconds due to map design.
It is so overtuned (maybe just 3rd-6th-9th-etc) that from around 65% completed you earn less and less points while all you get is Alert-Alert-Alert-Alert sounds.. Zuma got me here. I wanted to get this due to the similar gameplays.. Well it's a good game when it will launch. And if it doesn't, well, you can always imagine what fun you would have had if it did launch. Seems MumboJumbo don't bother to maintain their games or offer any support so I can't recommend the game

EDIT:- The game now works - at least on my Windows 10 machine, so I'm now recommending the game

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