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If 2000 was the year that started the internet revolution, it is 2020 that has become the watershed moment in the history of online. Internet has become the bread and butter of all businesses. In one or the other way all the businesses are being run or managed by the power of the internet. Today, ecommerce has become the most important form of commerce. Amazon, the largest ecommerce giant in the world runs its business through internet. Amazon has enabled millions of business scale and grow. Similarly, many other companies also use the internet and leverage its power to scale their businesses.


Birth & Growth of Digital Marketing

During the later part of the first decade in 2008s & 2010, the birth of social media and massive proliferation of the email and other forms of communication channels, businesses started to use the power of internet to reach the people at a relatively lower cost. This period of time was called as the time of “e-marketing”. However, in the next 5 years, digital marketing has grown to a very large extend and today digital marketing is the ubiquitous marketing technique. Any company that fails to exploit the digital channel will end up behind all its competitors and simply go out of business.

If you are not present on social media, people are being separated from you. Similarly, if you don’t have a mailing list of customers, you are not going to scale your business. An email list is a potent and powerful tool for every marketer. It takes you and your product or service directly to the pockets of the customer. With the almost universal reach of smart phones, email marketing has become the best marketing channel with a conversion rate of almost 15%. The percentage of conversion can be higher in certain niche industries.


Power of Mailing List

Imagine you are medical product manufacturer. Now compute the cost of employing people to book a meeting with the doctor or a physician who would be interested in your product. Similarly, another staff should go to perform the demo of the product. One salesperson have to sell the deal and finally a service personnel should explain the working and functioning of the product. This is not an easy task. All these can happen only when you get to meet the doctor and convince that you have a powerful product that can simplify his job and make it easier for the patients to get cured. However, as the whole industry knows, it is not an easy job. At the same time, think that you can reach the doctor with a click of a mouse and the doctor can also book the appointment with the click of another button. This is what the email marketing enables. When you send the marketing mail of your company, the doctor get notified of the mail and she can reply at her convenience. This is why email marketing is getting famous in all industries.


Why You Need a Mailing List

In order to start you email marketing you need a database of potential clients and customers who might buy your product or service. That is why at Discover Media Groups, we provide the best quality US doctors database, Decision makers email list, technology users list USA, etc. We employ safe data acquisition techniques. Our strong team of 200+ data acquisition professionals extract the most current and updated data of people as per your requirements in terms of the industry, zip codes, revenue and other demographic factors. Get the database from Discover Media groups and scale your business today.

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