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NOTE: Early Access ends 5/16/2019. Price w 5d3b920ae0

Title: Final Assault
Genre: Strategy
Phaser Lock Interactive
Phaser Lock Interactive
Final Approach
Release Date: 16 May, 2019


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel i-5-4590 or AMD FX 8350

English,French,Italian,German,Japanese,Korean,Simplified Chinese

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Wow! Great game. Beautiful graphics. I have a Vive Pro and I had an ear to ear smile while watching the planes circle around me. I'm not normally a fan of RTS style games but this is a perfect fit for VR and has made me a fan of RTS now. The controls are easy to use and the graphics as I said earlier are excellent. Congrats to the dev team. An amazing experience.. im with the beta crowd and i think we all love the game. its simple in some areas and complex in others, each units acts different and there are even different types of units for different commanders, real rts stuff here. games amazing and i love it. its also challenging if you desire that. devs did a fantastic job and are awsome with feedback. yes theyre the cool kind that want to talk to you. this to me is a must buy for any vr owner, even more so if you rts games. i hope in early access they add unit upgrades or tower upgrades, and other stuff but right now as it is its so much fun and definately worth it. buy it. i mean i have 10 hours in so far and there will be moar.. This game is great. Love this game, the level of detail is brill! cant help thinking what it would be like as a lord of the rings type game , it would be ace!! Credit to the devs. 1st review after 2 years of having the HTC VIVE .. This game is fantastic, as good as Skyrim VR. It is like playing with tiny detailed realistic army figures, a childhood dream I'm sure many share. Looks so cool! And I have over 70 vr games. This is a REAL RTS game; some other reviewers are saying that it isnt. It almost caused me not to buy the game, because I'm not a fan of tower defense games. It is a real RTS because the troop trucks are sort of like economic buildings in that if you destroy them it messes up the opponents production of troops. There are several factions you can choose from, each with their own unique unit types and with different unit costs. That adds to the strategic aspect a lot! In other words, they have distilled down the essence of the fun of RTS games and removed all of the annoyances of RTS games, which is the control interface (i.e. mouse and keyboard or controller) and dumb micromanagement (i.e. farm management in Age of Empires). And multiplayer is very well done also. What caused me to suck at RTS games before (I never had godlike finger speed with mouse and keyboard) is now gone and I find that I can actually win when playing this online! In fact I am planning on buying another PC and VR headset just so I can play locally with my friends. If they make it 4 player, then I will buy three pcs/vr headsets (or maybe psvrs because that is cheaper, it is cross platform too!), that is how good this game is. There are only a few extremely minor gripes that they will probably fix, when using a vive the chaperone ring is visible beneath the game board the entire time, it is a bit annoying and I tried adjusting the chaperone ring opcacity to no avail. I have a mixed reality headset also and there is no ring when using that device. Also, the "Light Gun" is messed up. In a few games, it sometimes wouldn't fire even when I placed it right near some tanks and told it to shoot at them. In a multiplayer game, it would fire across the whole map creating a totally OP and unwinnable scenario. I positioned my anti tank tank and it could seem to fire at them unless it was exactly at the same elevation level, quite tricky if not impossible to achieve and yet the light gun didnt have those limitations. These early access bugs aside, Whatever DLC or adds ons they make, I will buy it all!!!! Thanks so much for making this game, I am now excited about VR again!! Update May 15th: While everything I said above is true, unfortunately the game is severely unbalanced, such that you will very likely face the same opponent (Galland) everytime you play multiplayer, because it is severely overpowered, so of course everyone picks it. If they fix the balance (which will soon be evident when there is an even distribution of players across all of the factions), then I will start playing it again, as it is now it is just silly to bother playing. I alerted the developer to this and the response was 'we are seeing a little more diversity now' not, 'we fixed the balance issues'. And no, it is still overwhelmingly "Galland" as of today. I suppose I could just pick Galland also, but I hate being a lamer and mirror matches are boring. I will update this review if they ever fix the balance (they might, after all it was early access).. This game is so freaking addicting! Very well put together for the most part and only a couple of bugs, but it's exceedingly rare.. This has already made it one of my favs to play on my vr. i love it. im already hoping to see mods different units different or era. its a perfect start i think great job. keep up the great work! graphics are good, control is good, performance good.. This is the defining RTS game in VR. Phaser Lock have pulled off an amazing multiplayer table-top style RTS that just screams for 'one more round'.. Creative +Good Controls +Somewhat like Wintermaul Wars in VR -/+Price for current content -A little buggy yet, but it's still an EA game, that'll get fixed 4/5 This is quite a fun game that has a classic wc3 map Wintermaul wars feel to it. I'd definitely pick it up, maybe on sale though. If you liked this review Click here and follow for more reviews of VR titles. And Click here if you want to request reviews on other VR titles.

Final Assault Early Access Price Adjustment : UPDATE: PRICE DISCOUNT FIXED! The team at STEAM are AWESOME! They adjusted the discount for us so its back to the Early Access 33%. This was a simple mistake on our side, but Steam went above and beyond to get it fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for understanding. -Phaser Lock Interactive March 29 2019 Hello from Phaser Lock. WE MESSED UP! Yes, we made a mistake at setting up our Early Access launch and clicked the wrong button when setting discount for Early Access. The Early Access discount we wanted was up to full launch but was only set for one week, which expired yesterday. (3/38) We are working with the amazing Steam Team on getting this fixed and updated as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience and we are on top of this! And thank you, everyone, for making Final Assault VERY POSITIVE, the reviews are amazing and our small team is so excited and humbled by your praise.. UPDATE: PRICE DISCOUNT FIXED : We got it fixed. The team at STEAM are AWESOME! They adjusted the discount for us so its back to the Early Access 33%. This was a simple mistake on our side, but not an easy fix for Steam. They went above and beyond to get it fixed and we are forever grateful. Sorry for any inconvenience to you the fan and thank you for understanding.. FINAL ASSAULT: PATCH 01 : NEW BUILD PATCH NOTES:. Update: Patch 0.9.5 : NEW BUILD PATCH NOTES * Gallands Story Campaign is now available. * Steam & Oculus Achievements have been activated. CHANGES * The U.S. Anti-Tank Gun is now a (very slow) mobile unit. * Unit health bars now display as BLUE for your team and RED for the enemy. * We have expanded the tutorial and now explain more game features. * The Unit Info Pull Out tab on the clipboard has been updated. * AI changed how it decides what to spawn next. * Voice over dialogue updated for Simmons, Nickels, Wulf, Von Ritter and Galland. * Units put into a loop have a more visible effect. * Health bars over bases auto-hide when you are near them so they wont block your view of the game. BUG FIXES * War Chests now drop correctly. * Unit pathing improvements on Stronghold. Units no longer attempt to path through the ponds to get to the War Chest drop locations. * Campaign Victory/Defeat Conditions Fixed. * The AI will no longer spawn large amounts of planes and keep them over its base. * The Artillery will now prioritize Infantry units over Towers. * Fixed a bug with the AI that prevented it from seeing War Chests that were sitting next to one of its units. * Fixed issue with multiplayer reconnect code not firing when player loses connection to Platform Services (Steam/Oculus/Viveport) or Phaser Lock Matchmaking Servers. KNOWN ISSUES: * Artillery/Bazooka Troops/Probably other Units will sometimes fire across the entire map. * Tutorial VO is temp and will be updated * When spawning new units, a unit will occasionally teleport to the spawn location instead of pathing to it from your HQ. * Some temporary VO is still in the game. * German Fighter plane missing team colors on clipboard. For comments, suggestions or bug reports please visit our forums at www.phaserlock.com/forum/ Join our Discord community by visiting www.finalassaultvr.com and clicking the Discord button!. THE BATTLE HAS BEGUN! : WELCOME TO THE BATTLE!. FINAL ASSAULT LAUNCH DATE: 05/16/2019 : The time is coming to soldier up! Join the battle to end all battles.

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