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Earth Overclocked Xforce

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About This Game

Earth Overclocked is a twin-stick shooter with rogue-like elements, set in a distorted version of our world where trees are evil, snowmen have lasers, and monsters run amok 5d3b920ae0

Title: Earth Overclocked
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Chronicle Bench
Chronicle Bench
Release Date: 4 Dec, 2015


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Int


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Earth Overclocked is a frenetic, action, roguelike/bullet hell/hack 'n' slash game in which you play as a scientist who only has so much time to return to his world. The game has some nice retro graphics, many creative and fun to use weapons, and a few different modes to play. Enemies and projectiles abound, but it is rarely hard to see what is happening on screen (unlike some other games in this vein). I enjoyed the way that the character collects both keys and money and must figure out which ones to use on which chests. Earth Overclocked is not an easy game, but it isn't as hard as many other roguelikes.. very good game. never like indie. But played this game with pleasure. Nice way to spend 1-2 hours with friends.. If you find yourself alone in the woods in your birthday suit, all you need is a sharknado. Also beware operating chainsaws while naked. Buy as much of Deaths and his imposters second hand s**t as you can. Remember, if you dont sharknado your gonna have a bad time. Brilliant retro rogue-like, fast and fairly tactful, fun and a bit challanging, mental guns (sharknado). Personaly id rate this game as better than The Binding of Isaac but not quite as fun as Nucluar Throne. Think I got it for less than the price of a sandwich as well, so im very happy. Recommend.. i can't say anything this game is just great.. For as simple as this game is, it is equally fun. For as fun as this game is, it is equally challenging. This is one of those incredibly rare instances where a game that costs $0.49 is actually fun to play. Typically, I buy games for 49 cents because I have a few cents left on my account and can't buy a "real" game, so I get a game like this. I download them, try them once, and never play them ever again. I bought Earth Overclocked and have been playing for 2 hours straight. I barely even do that with games I'm excited about. The premise is so simple, it is challenging, it requires some strategizing, and best of all, it has controller support. Considering the price of this game you absolutely cannot go wrong. Buy it now, thank me later.. My summary in 4 sentences: The idea of the game is stupid to me.Timed dungeon game with exploring?I'm sorry,but I made like 10 legit attempts,all ending because the time ran out.The pixel graphics dont look good,the game lagged ocasionally.. This game is really well made for both a couch party and solo play. Maybe it's just me but this game is very well done for a 5 euro game. Anyway, you shouldn't stop patching. This game deserves attention. It's good.. This game is so cheap and fun - So many unlockable - Preety Fun Mechanic - Hours of gameplay. Are you kidding me.what a great game. Read the reviews and thought it looked different but had no idea it was this good. I cant wait to see what else the dev is working on, if this game is any indicator they are pretty talented. Maybe they will even redo this one in a newer engine.

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