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About This Game

Dungeon Highway drops you into a delightfully stylized fantasy world filled to the brim with dastardly monsters. Fast games, heart-pounding action, nostalgic graphics and an enchanting chiptune soundtrack bring a new milestone to the genre of endless arcade racing. Runner fans will enjoy clearing paths with attacks and power-ups. Multiple unlockable characters add even more variety to this endlessly replayable experience.

* Fast start. Have a complete adventure in minutes.
* 18 characters to master (each with a unique powerset.)
* Procedurally generated levels ensure ultimate replayability.
* Challenge the world in the Steam Leaderboards.
* Digitally remastered for PC, Mac and Linux.
* Steam edition features all new characters, environments and enemies.
* Supports: keyboard, mouse, Steam Controller and, gamepad. 7aa9394dea

Title: Dungeon Highway
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 23 Mar, 2015


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Simulator 2015.

10\/10 - Would Cramp. Would stress test my wrist again! 8\/10. I know the cost is very cheap but the game was way too simple. Felt like a Flash game you'd play on your browser for free for 10 minutes.. I can't recommend Dungeon Highway, not for an asking price of seven dollars.

However what you'll get for your hard earned monies (should you buy this) is: The same sprite pack that the free game Realm of the Mad god uses. The highway. Cubes on the highway.

You run slowly down the highway in two frame of animaton and avoid the cubes. There are enemies too but unless you're aiming for a high score you can just ignore them. The scoreboard doesn't seem to work so don't bother with scoring.

In the - short - time I played I suspect I've seen all that Dungeon Highway has to offer. Which does include a lot of pixelated blood and a giant floaty big bad pixel thing. You'll only see the blood when you die, and you'll generally only die because a cube you've already passed has entirely obscured the rest of the higway in front of it making it impossible to tell where the next cube is.

All in all this feel like it was written in an afternoon and would be better had it been released for free.. My 5 year old and 3 year old love playing it and working to unlock all the characters. Pretty fun endless runner.. Dungeon Highway<\/b> is a fast-paced, action based, pixel game<\/i> that challenges the user to have very good reaction times on the harder difficulties, but for the easier difficulties it allows the player to get used to the game. There are many playable characters to unlock, all with funny and somewhat creative names. Each character have slightly different attacks. There are also many items you can pick up on the stage as you play it and with many different areas in the game you'll be sure to almost have a different bit of scenery every time for at least the first 50 runs. All around Dungeon Highway<\/b> is non-expensive, fun game that if you don't mind the graphics and slightly wonky control, can be a very fun experience.. Its a lot of fun.. I would definitely recommend Dungeon Highway. It is very fun game that I think anyone could enjoy. You can earn experience to get multiple players, and improve your score to even get on the scoreboards! For me, I think about seven dollars was worth it. I play it all the time and so far, I haven't seen many negative sides to this game. This is a great game, and I would definitely recommend that you buy it.
. The dream game of epic man babies everywhere.
Flawless, Fun, Violent, Magical and lots of other words.
Do not let your limited taste in fun ruin your happiness.
Head up the highway to the dungeon zone.
It is your only chance of escape
Here I go again on my own,
going down the only road I have ever known.
Like a wizard I was born to walk alone!
And I made up my mind,
I aint wastin no more time
. Love it fast paced, great action, and always keeping you on edge, what else would you ask for in a fun game.

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