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Death Trader: Cold War Torrent Download

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About This Game

Death Trader: Cold War is a strategy game about the controversial life of a arms dealer. You begin on January 1, 1960, with a brand new cargo airplane, which, apparently, w 5d3b920ae0

Title: Death Trader: Cold War
Genre: Indie, Strategy, Early Access
Release Date: 19 Oct, 2018

English,Russian,German,Simplified Chinese,Portuguese

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Very bland game, VERY GLITCHY, makes meu2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665and makes me wanna request a refund, would no recommend.. Great game. An Update for wars after 1990 would be nice. Also being abble to have an alternative history and to keep the communists in charge of the USSR if we manage to let pro-USSR countries win wars would be great.. For now i cant recommend this game its have to much bugs at the moment this is what it have to fix before i can recommend this game Fix List: Fix so i dosent crash when selling much items Fix so it isnt like im scrolling the entier time Sometimes i cant do anything its like the game is freezed. The idea is very fun. But i honestly think it feel like a "grinder" game. after flying back and forwards to civil wars over and over again only to look on a 50% score going one or the other way. it gets very boring. Why not any details for wars about how big the armies is?. why only civil wars?. Why is reputation only increasing when putting money into them (too easy)?. Why cant i hire someone to protect me, and why is everything about attention in the countries. Getting soo boring flying between countries. all weapons feels like it have been puttet into stages. you sell only cheapest weapon to begin with. when u have little more money you start buy "lvl 2" weapon that give you slighty increase in money, but have more weight.. Isn't worth it at the moment. You click to move your transport, buy weapons, sell them for the highest price (which is flat out told to you), and repeat. At no point is this anything other than buy, sell, buy, sell. It is a prototype, and with the update schedule of this developer, you should not buy it for a few years. The only interesting thing is that you can influence conflicts, but even that is super basic. When you sell weapons to a side, you modify the percentage that the war is heading. Basically, I sell 2000 guns, that side gains 0.5% daily towards winning. As far as I have seen (which isn't much, I admit; but that's also a sign of how quickly I felt like I've seen everything the game had to offer), nothing changes this number. You could get the percentage to change 0.000001% towards one side, sell your only plane, and leave the game on overnight, and that side will win. I like what they tried though. They just need to actually make a game. Implementing something to affect the conflict besides you would be necessary for me to try it again.

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