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Cute Monsters Battle Arena Key Serial Number

Cute Monsters Battle Arena Key Serial Number

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About This Game

CUTE MONSTERS BATTLE ARENA is a massively addictive turn based strategy RPG with intense action and difficult puzzles.

This game allows the user to become a 5d3b920ae0

Title: Cute Monsters Battle Arena
Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy
Play Spirit Limited
Play Spirit Limited
Release Date: 25 Aug, 2017


cute monsters battle arena download. cute monsters battle arena

Cute Monsters Battle Arena gives its players everything that they want from a Match 3-game. Upgradable units and Masters, a lot of missions, solid graphics and music. However gameplay may become grindy after a while, not to mention being repetitive quickly.. Welcome to a bad mobile port where they has removed the in-game cash shop that you used to spend real money on. So now you are forced to wait for 24 hours to refill half of your stamina bar so that you can play more = very bad move This game was first free2play here on Steam and then they changed it so it did cost 7u20ac and now again they made it free2play "with no information given to why they did make the change in payment.. Interesting mix of strategy and puzzle elements with Fakemon! While it doesn't really speak to me as a gamer, it's still probably a well done game. If you're looking for a casual game to play on a fairly weak laptop, this one appears to be a good choice. I enjoy listening to the music while playing. They are quite relaxing.. Although being a mobile port, the game functions well on my laptop. No lag or freeze whatsoever. The design and UI is very beautiful. Pro: -tCute monsters. Though none of them are original pokemon, this game has the pokemon feel to it. A must-have for all the pokemon fans. -tMany missions and hundreds of monsters to be collected -tFun anime style music -tGems match 3 movement is smooth and solid -tBeautiful map Cons: -tTutorial isnu2019t clear on how to locate the needed materials to evolve my monsters -tSide missions are pretty challenging from the start -tNo PvP -tNo Steam achievement? -tNo Steam Cloud? How do I save my progress? At 30% off the original price, I don't mind adding this to my collection. Being a Pokemon fans, Iu2019m glad there is game like this in my Steam collection.. poor music -female trainers only -lazy art & animations -terrible gameplay -it's not cute at all. Gems of War + Fakemon! Quite addictive if you play long enough.. I like the concept knowing it gives me a Puzzles and Dragons vibes cross with Pokemon-esque based creatures. However there are things that makes this game hard to enjoy. One thing that bugged me first was that I couldn't change the screen resolution, which is a pretty minor issue that can be fixed. There is no exit button or quit game button unless you're in a dungeon. That kind of sucks when you have players who have no idea on how to escape and want to do something else, that can cause a wave of frustration. Now the major issue I have with this game is the audio settings. I turned them down because they were too loud for me, but it didn't do anything. Music worked fine but anything that contained a sound clip never muted and both of them were at zero percent. I love sound when applied to games but not when they can give you constant headaches and can't be turned off properly.

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