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About This Game


The protagonist finds himself mysteriously transported to Terra, a fantasy world empowered by magical crystals. Not long after arriving does he run into Leanna, a Mage-Knight investigating rumors of concentrated energy in the area… which she learns is radiating from him! Together, they journey to understand how he got here and a way for him to return home. They soon discover that his arrival to Terra is more than just a coincidence!

Crystalline is a comedy-centric, fantasy adventure, visual novel with an intricate romance system. With hundreds of choices available, you can experience the storyline and interact with characters in a much more personalized way.

Key Features

Your Story
A choice heavy visual novel set in an expansive fantasy world. With hundreds of decisions leading to branching paths, a uniquely personalized story will unfold.

Full Relationship-Sim
Your decisions and behavior organically shape your relationships and what party members feel about you over time. A romantic bond may even be forged with one particular character!

Complete Voice Over
Crystalline features a full English voice cast for not only your main party, but also all side and extra characters.

Fully Animated Sprites
Crystalline features Live2D® technology to bring characters to life! Experience unrivaled immersion with facial expressions and body language all animated seamlessly.

Explore the world of Crystalline! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Crystalline
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation
PixelFade Inc
PixelFade Inc
Release Date: 22 Aug, 2018


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