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Control Craft 2 Download For Pc [Xforce]

Control Craft 2 Download For Pc [Xforce]

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About This Game

Control Craft 2

Control Craft 2 is a fast paced RTS, which brings quick thinking and clever tactics together for some planet conquering action.

Badges :

Enhancing everything which made the original a hit, with stylish graphics and addictive game play, Control Craft 2 will keep you coming back for more.

Take command of your troops and lead them into battle. Send in wave after wave of your soldiers to overthrow the enemy colonies and occupy their bases.

Battle your way through challenging levels and upgrade your weapons. Combine your different attack units (light, heavy and flying) to out wit the enemy and claim the planet as yours.


*24 Unique Levels

*Clever 2D Platform Level Design

*Stylish Graphics and Smooth Animations

*The Ability to Upgrade Your Firepower

*Hear the Troops React to Your Orders as You Direct Them

*Unlock Levels and Choose the Non-linear Path to Victory

Control Craft 2 adds to the unique style and game play of the original. This game is easy to pick up but hard to put down.

Take Control and Smash the Enemy. Your army needs you!


Title: Control Craft 2
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Strategy
Release Date: 15 Feb, 2016

English,German,Japanese,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Russian

\u5f88\u7279\u5225\u7684\u5854\u623f\u904a\u6232\u53ea\u662f(\u9ede)\u7684\u7d2f\u4e86\u9ede~\u7136\u5f8c\u97f3\u6548\u9084\u4e0d\u8cf4!!. It did cost less than 1 \u20ac and still feels like i wasted it on a mobile port. My original review was very harsh, but for a justified reason. I was angry that the game was the same as the free version available online, and that the game didn't offer anything new. Now that i've looked into the publisher and the developers, i understand that the game was released to fund updates to the game and add new features. I find this style of RTS \/ statergy very entertaining but it's very rare, meaning it'll be hard for you to find anything that is better than this. If you want to help this game develop then you should buy, but if you want to play a polished, content full game, then wait until a couple of updates have been released!. This game seems unfinished, there are at least 3 super powers you can't use and i'm pretty sure that these 3 were meant to help you in one stage in particular that i'm pretty sure is impossible as there is no conceivable way to beat it.. Good game but some things are not finished : i could not buy the last upgrade. but for 0.89\u20ac I dont regret it at all.
Replayability is poor though, 3hours and you're bored, but that's ok for the price.. Got about 1\/2 - 2\/3 down the first line. Challenge is making you make tough descisions and being harder than "Just do what you did everywhere else," not Islands and Zeplins. Those levels are total BS. On Islands, Green goes over the 50 reinforcements cap while Red keeps you pressured and they don't attack each other, leaving you low on troops every time and here come 200+ green troops. Game Over. No way around it. You can't capture any points because Red re-caps them and holds you off until Green destroys you. Zeplins sends an insta-kill giant robot after you. That doesn't add to the fun or challenge of the level, it just adds an artificial time limit, and when you lose those air-troop posts, you lose the level.

Also, this is NOT RTS! RTS is Starcraft, Age of Empires\/Mythology and the like, not this crap. This would be better off a free game on the internet, not one to buy on Steam.. A largely uninspired game, no meaningful challenge or difficulty, and altogether a boring, 1 hour playthrough at most.. I love this kind of game. I played it before on a flash games site but since flash is banned, I'm really to find it on Steam.

This is a Real Time Strategy game. Your ennemies are not waiting for you, they improve their bases making it more and more difficult to take them. The only solution is to become stronger than them and of course, faster.

Two important facts: Control Craft 2 has 24 levels and cost 3 euros... it is a good deal for the time you will play with it.

By the way, Control Craft 3 is coming on Steam ;). A pathetic mobile game.
Horrible touch-oriented controls, the gameplay is already boring on the first level.
Don't buy this trash, not even at a sale. Waste of time and money.
. I was really enjoying the game intially, however:

- The game will continuously set you up against more and more unfair matches until you can't win without abilities, but will not unlock any of them other than the first one
- There is no way to reassign points if you've allocated them wrong
- HUGE performace hits for no reason make the game unplayable until it's closed and re-opened
- no way to reset progress either

THis makes the game initially fun, but then it turns into a nightmare

Oh, and it has banner adds

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