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Celeste - Sora Extra Soundtrack FULL

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Extra soundtrack for OrangeJuice's acclaimed shoot'em'up Sora.

Track List:

  • 01. Many Years Later
  • 02. Cube
  • 5d3b920ae0

Title: Celeste - Sora Extra Soundtrack
Genre: Action
Orange_Juice, DEKU
Fruitbat Factory
Orange Juice
Release Date: 5 Jan, 2016


Hime's track has been the only one for me so far and it dragged me with already. I'll commence my listening operation.. I don't like the new menu with the ending, makes me sad.. Extra soundtrack? Light it up!. To be blunt. THIS IS GREAT while only containing. nine. tracks it is a great addition for anyone who owns Sora and adores the OST (I should point out this is the UNUSED tracks, a mix of Rendezvous, and to top it off. a mix of. Icarus. (The track from Suguri's tralier) it also contains a piano solo which has the same name as the OST. All of the tracks are great in their own way, though I can't for the life of me begin to describe them, the first one is. slow, birds can be heard chirping allong side the ever constant beat, then all of a suden it changes to a MUCH faster paced track with the second track in the nine and after both Icarus and Rendezvous (Two tracks from Suguri's ST(sound track)) you get the paino solo, admitently a very good solo. (For my kind of pour knolage of painos) Irconacly I as I'm witing this am listening to Icarus. no really. the latter half just started. I probably should stop now. this is an ST, nothing to write before hand in Notepad for, this is great if you buy Sora buy this and the OST. DO. IT. DO. IT. JUST. DO.

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