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About This Game

In this twisted mutation of a roguelite, try to travel as far through the Waste World as possible before you and your band of reckless clones inevitably get eaten. You'll need a ship, which you will build along the way with the parts you scavenge. The ancient underground cities yield the best loot, but are also the most dangerous.

- Lead your team of mutant pirates on a perilous journey through the Trash Dunes on a rocket ship!
- Mutate your character to gain abilities and change your form.
- Customize your ship piece by piece!
- Ships that sustain too much damage will crash to the surface and get swarmed by the unwashed masses!
- Explore the dangerous sunken ruins of the Waste World to find the best loot!
- Play as a giant maggot!
- Relentless enemies who ambush you underground, board your ship in the air and relentlessly pursue you on the surface.
- Multiple factions with their own combinations of ships, weapons, and mutations!
- Energy weapons, force fields, and giant forks!

Before the Waste World fell into ruin it had a different name, in the Language of the Machine. Ancestors used the Language to control their technology. They built dense underground cities and poisoned their planet. By the time that they became extinct, they left a goldmine of an ecological niche behind- an entirely automated infrastructure, potentially unlimited resources, and all the perks of a technologically advanced society- to any creature who could learn how to operate their forgotten technology. The arms race was on. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Cargo Cult
Genre: Indie
Ryan Kwok
Ryan Kwok
Release Date: 2019


  • Memory: 8 GB RAM


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