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Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse Edition Pack

Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse Edition Pack

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About This Game

Title: Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse Edition
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 20 Oct, 2017


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP or later
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHZ or Better
  • Memory: 512 MB

    English,German,Russian,Simplified Chinese

    blackout z slaughterhouse edition

    Cyberhunt is still my fav game from this developer, however, he yet again brought an fun endless arcade style game, which I really enjoy. I was skeptical of getting this game at first, but for $1 (currently on sale for .50) its worth giving a try. Game has very simple controls, WASD and click, however, the walking/running/movement in the game can be a bit tricky, because the controls are set, and no matter where you look, W is up. This game has some aspects, that in my opinion are better than cyberhunt (not having unlimed ammo, having to unlock guns, needing to recharge light).. Its like a bad flash game from 20 years ago.. i directly invited to play this game from developer mr paulo i love this game it reminds me the old arcade indie zombie kill like zombies ate ma neighboors XD and the gameplay is so coll a toxic music attacks on your minds every time and sharp saws with fast zombies attack on your hearth and good challanges to reach new guns anyway if u wanna a great arcade zombie kill game i recommend this and i must tell the game price is not right it cost more than 0.99$. cool little top down zombie game where you are pretty much destined to die each time you do a round, but the more you score the more you have to be able to upgrade to a better gun, its pretty tough and has a lot of things built into the map itself that will kill you, so its a game to waste time on, not bad and very cheap! check it out!. Interesting little time waster of a game that shows ambition from the devloper to get better at creating. In 19 minutes of play I did manage to unlock all the weapons but I also have enjoyed what I've played so far. Blackout Z reminds me of those old Newgrounds flash games but with better sound design and slightly better visuals. It's unique from other top down Zombie Schmups in the sense that there are traps laid in the dark for you to die by, you constantly have to manage your light source, and your gun can only pick up a select amount of ammo (and if its full, picking up ammo is a waste and you get nothing.) There's also a cute little easter egg on the title screen that is basically gameplay itself, if even in the simplest form. I got Blackout Z for .59 cents and enjoyed the little bit of time with it so far, I'm sure I'll come back to it when I am looking to kill a couple minutes every so often just like I did with Nuk Games Razortron 2000.. I was notified of this game by the developer personally because of my review on Razortron 2000. (I highly recommend Razortron 2000). However, I did NOT receive this game for free. I am giving an unbiased review, even though I was contacted by NukeGames directly. This game is a . But, it is very FUN. This game has a learning curve and it reminds me of old school rogue-like arcade games. So far, I have played maybe 20 rounds and my farthest "body count" is 25ish zombies. I do recommend this game because you will definitly get your moneys worth and thoroughly enjoy your time playing it. I assume you will play this game sporadically for 10mins at a time and each time will be worth the 0.59 cents.. Its a fun game to waste a bit of time but gets boring really quick.. It's alright. Yet another great game from NukGames!! I found this game quite hard but lots of fun! Sometimes you need a lot of luck and some perseverance but you will find you are getting better quickly at survival.. Fun, reminded me of playing crimsonland. I unlocked all the weapons and hats. Was happy to get the AK. Got this game with the nuk games complete collection.

    Cyberhunt on sale NOW! : Cyberhunt is on sale during this week's 'weeklong deal', grab it if you don't already have it. I hope you'll enjoy it.. 'Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse edition' is now available on Steam. : Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse edition is now available on Steam. Slaughter tons of zombies and try to avoid sharp saws while the battery of your flashlight is slowly draining! This is a highly re-playable arcade game, the objectives include Score Chase (with steam leaderboards), unlock weapons hats and achievements. Perfect to play when you don't have much time but need a boost of adrenaline or while you are on a queue for another game. Thanks for all the support on my small games, I trully hope you'll enjoy this new one. PLEASE , if you enjoyed Blackout Z make sure to leave a brief review, that helps A LOT for small games and a solo indie dev like myself. Thank you for playing. Paulo Brunassi NukGames [nukgames.com] Follow me on Twitter If you like this game, please check my other small arcade games.. Devlog #3 - Razortron sequel : Hello friends, in the last two weeks i've been working on the physics and particles system for the game, and since don't have to much experience with this two I struggled a little bit. But I think it worthed and I'm happy on what the game is becomming, with the physics the game has become very fun to play with the drift and stuff. This drift mechanics allows me to create more game modes and much more. Here's a youtube video if you'd like to see closely: Follow me for much more: Twitter Instagram [www.instagram.com]. Devlog #4 - Razortron sequel : Hello friends, how was your blackfriday? I'm back with the fourth devlog, and this time the update is preety big: The skeleton of the first circuit is done (the edges are rough, but will be fixed soon) ; A basic AI is set(will work a lot on it soon); A new sprite for the first of the many cars the game will have, this one is bigger so I could put more details into it; Completely remade the camera system and I think it's very smooth now, maybe will apply some zoom in and out sometime soon. Developed a tool to change the neon color ingame, I'll implement it on the final game too.(it can be seen on 45 seconds of the video) Final thoughts After working for almost two months on the game, the shape and direction of it is much more clear for me, and I think the development speed will increase now. ps. On this weekend I'll be joining the Ludum Dare, so if you'll like to follow the development please follow me on twitter, after the game is done, I'll post here too. Thank you very much for all the support I've been receiving during this years, you guys are great! Paulo Brunassi Steam Creators Page Twitter Instagram [www.instagram.com]. Razortron 2084 - Devlog #7 : Hello friends, for this devlog I would like to highlight the Pseudo 3D buildings that I managed to develop for Razortron 2084, with this I'll be able to make much preetier and more diverse scenarios, you can see on the gif above, the algorithm turns flat 2d images into pseudo 3D images. I also changed a litte bit the art direction on the game, to be more 'texturized' (what do you think about this) It can be seen better on the first screenshot on the game's page. (add to your wishlist and follow to receive updates on the development) Some other things that I finished or are almost done - Traffic IA - Traffic and road generation for the arcade mode - In-game color switch (this is usefull to come with cool color schemes) - Joystick Support. Now the things are moving much faster and I'll announce more features on the future weeks.. Bighead Runner now available! : Bighead Runner is now available on STEAM! Bighead Runner is a casual endless runner, avoid many dangers through randomly and procedurally generated levels. If you enjoyed my previous score chaser titles you'll might enjoy a lot of Bighead Runner. Dont loose the 40% off discount on the release week.. Hyper Simon X now available! : Hello friends, I'm happy to announce that my newest game Hyper Simon X is now available on steam and you can grab it with a big 40% off discount right now! Hyper Simon X is an Arcade Shoot' Em Up Puzzle game that combines the SHMUP mechanics with the oldschool 'Simon Says' memory games. To celebrate our new release the discounts on our bundles have raised and now it's the time to get them! If you played Hyper Simon X and enjoyed, please leave a brief steam review, this is very important for small games to be noticed and for the game to be able to have trading cards. Thank you very much for all the support.. Razortron 2084 - Devlog #6 : Yes! We have a name the new game is called Razortron 2084 We also have a store page, a new video, screenshots and a little taste of one of the game's tracks. Add on your wishlist and follow to receive the updates on the game. I'm working on a lot of features that I'll be showing in the future weeks/months. The release date is somewhere in 2019.. Devlog #2 - Razortron sequel : In the last week I continued to work on the buildings. I strugled a little bit with the style and to get the pseudo 3d thing right. I think it's ok now, what do you guys think? The next steps will be implement enemy racers, traffic, and polish the scenario with more stuff. (if you want to see it better check the youtube video).

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