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Vastu Shastra, according to the location of our country, India, is not good. The three oceans surround us from three sides and the range of the great towards the north, is occupied by the Himalayas. All these bring up the expansion of the northeast border of the country, except the Bay of Bengal in the east direction, bad architecture results for the country. Therefore, our country has faced a lot of internal problems, such as poverty, ignorance, invasion by foreign rulers etc., in the past years. Our country cannot yet become a super power. Our people are still facing untold problems. No force on Earth can survive a tsunami. But its unique destructive power is something Vastu Experts always reminds us. Respect nature. Stay in tune with it. If you do, you will be happy. Of course, also do not forget that water is not the only natural element that goes berserk. The winds also become fearless when the cyclone destroys everything in their path. Ignite flames are also very destructive, as is the earth itself when it erupts from the inside as a volcano or an avalanche.


Vastu Experts Near Me

Our neighboring country Sri Lanka is also not a Vastu force. So, that the country is facing various problems both within the country and abroad. There is no northeast side to the country, which impedes development and has been extended to the northwest side. Vastu Experts Near me says that this will cause more and more internal problems. Our country, India has a rich heritage and culture. Our country is at the forefront of the civilization of mankind. India is the source of all scriptures and scientific events. Many sages, philosophers and saints were born in this country. Our Puranas (or epics) say that they imagined the modern world. He flew into the sky through amazing craft. He used divine weapons and weapons through which he conquered his enemies.

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Vastu Experts in Delhi

The Mahabharata and the Ramayana tell us about the fire arms, the Brahma ashes, etc., which can be compared to the modern era hydrogen bombs and atomic bombs. He also did CLONING during the birth of ASWINI BROTHERS (twins) and LAV and KUSA (son of Lord Rama). Ancient Indians were highly developed in sacred intelligence, and spiritual knowledge. He performed miracles with his great austerity and mystic powers. Vastu Experts in Delhi says that We are all surrounded by the sea from wrong directions and thus, despite everything, our country is not a prosperous country.


Vastu Experts in Faridabad

Most people here usually face problems related to either finance or relation ships. Therefore, the east and north directions are the architectural efforts of the most sensitive areas and Eshaanya direction, precise specific aspects of caution related to the extreme north-eastern corner. According to Vastu Experts in Faridabad The north eastern corner should be light and clean to avoid financial and relationship troubles. It should be kept wet if possible. Water element should take command on this direction India itself suffers from the existence of the Himalayan heights on the wrong side. We are all surrounded by the sea on wrong directions and thus everything is not a prosperous country despite ours. Poverty is still a major problem in the country. Whereas, countries like England and Africa, which have water in the east, is quite rich. That probably saves us from facing poverty in the extreme of it - for that matter India also has an advantage of having a water body in the east. India has not been developed till date by the civilization, even though we have so many scriptures and more developed intellect. But, an unknown country, which is only 400 years of existence (United States), has developed into a super power in the world. how did this happen? Our country of sudden progress and development has been attributed to the Vastu Shakti of America and Vastu weakness in India.

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Vastu Experts in Noida

Vastu Power destiny of a country and the fate of that country decided. Vastu can make a country rich or poor based on their adherence to Vastu Shastra. See America's location strength. There is sea in the east. Vastu Experts in Noida Says that The north side of the country is less due to the sea in the north-east. The northeast has also been extended. There are hills in the west and southwest sides, which helped it to grow rapidly. Therefore, the United States has developed into a super power with the support of other partner countries. Nevertheless the United States is developing very fast and will maintain its superiority among the countries of the world even in future.

Vastu Experts in Ghaziabad

The only downside is the Pacific West, which periodically creates leadership problems and violence. All this has inspired America to be a country of wealth, opportunity, success, glory and luxury. For India, as a dominating negative factor, the north stands on the Himalayas, while the largest saving grace is the Bay of Bengal in the east. According to Vastu Experts in Ghaziabad The water flow in the east is very good. Even Japan enjoys excellent architecture because of the deep Pacific Ocean to the east, but the water flow on the southeast and the west have negative aspects. All this is the cause of violence, bombings and earthquakes in Japan.

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Vastu Experts in Gurgaon

If the Vastu status of each country, state, city, town, village and colony can be carefully observed, then the miracle of Vastu can be experienced, checked and rectified to the maximum extent possible. Similarly, if the water bodies are kept well in the Northeast and are on cleanliness, ventilation, purity and purity of direction, financial prosperity may be experienced. The west and south directions should always be high, strong, rocky, heavy and dominating so that peace, harmony, domination, glory and all round prosperity can be experienced. The rules of Vastu Experts in Gurgaon applied to India as a country are not satisfactory. Therefore you should get Vastu benefits personally in your home. So build it strictly according to Vastu rules.

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