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Virus removal

It's flu season now and it's important to know how to effectively and quickly disinfect surfaces in your home, office, and healthcare facilities. I've been told that steam cleaning is a very good way to clean surfaces…


Gepostet am 4. Januar 2023 um 11:00am

Conveyor belt steam cleaning system

Hi all. Recently, our conveyor failed and all due to the fact that the belt was not cleaned properly and dirt and fat from food got into the feeding system. We decided to install an advanced belt cleaning system and turned to the experts for advice. We were offered to choose the conveyor belt steam cleaning…


Gepostet am 22. Dezember 2022 um 5:52am

Cleaning my beloved car with steam.

Hi all. When I decided to upgrade my car wash, I immediately thought of picking up a commercial steam extractor, but I couldn't find any good information on them. It's good that I came across an article https://www.fortador-usa.com/blog/steam-extractor-vs-steam-cleaner-which-is-better where experts talk about the latest models, as well as reveal their pros and cons provide instruction…


Gepostet am 18. Dezember 2022 um 8:00pm

Who has been to Dubai. Respond

Hello. I really want to relax in Dubai, but I don’t know where. Give advice.…

Gepostet am 2. Mai 2022 um 11:30am


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