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XorceD - Sashiro's Laedrum Torrent Download [Torrent]

XorceD - Sashiro's Laedrum Torrent Download [Torrent]

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About This Game

World-line Laedrum:
Play as Sashiro Kobata, a World-Peacemaker (WPM) officer with an incredible dual-wielding pistol skill, in an undercover mission! His WPM-group has found out information about a terrorist group that puts the world into disorder. The information: A highschool student is supposed to be the leader of that terrorist group! In order to maintain world-peace and to stop the terrorist group, Sashiro has to identify the leader by transferring to the school as a student. This won't be an easy task for him who has never attended a public school before and is only specialized in combat. He will meet several suspects with their own background story and has to find out more about them. Will he be able to find out the truth?

Setting and background

This story takes place in the world-line Laedrum in year 2040. The world-line Laedrum was created in year 2017 by a supernatural group that annihilated about three billion humans who had physically harmed other humans; that means criminals were executed, but also children who played tag. The crime rate exponentially decreased and police forces were no longer needed during the the so-called Purge. It lasted for three years and that supernatural group called Xorcerox suddenly disappeared. When those news were spread all over the world, the crime rate increased again; this time without a police. Drastic times require drastic measurements: The World-Peacemakers (WPM) were born. They are the elite of the old special forces from all over the world. Given special rights, such as freedom of act (and thus to kill), they try to maintain world-peace in a humane way. Now, in year 2040, there is a big terrorist group spread around the world. The current main mission of the WPM is to put an end to their terror!

Sashiro Kobata

Sashiro Kobata is the main character you will play in this visual novel.

  • world-peacemaker officer
  • known as the White Demon who colours his path in red, together with the Black Demon Qi
  • incredible pistol skills with the special ability Reign of Bullets
  • age: 17
  • has never attended a normal school before and only had private lessons
  • his parents were WPM-officers

Concept of the universe

In the XorceD universe there are infinite world-lines that are created by decisions and choices. There are main world-lines created by events that drastically change the world, such as Laedrum that was created by the Purge. This concept of world-lines is unknown to the residents of the world including Sashiro; only a few exceptions and the world-line travellers (you, the player) know about this concept.

Game features

  • story rich visual novel
  • many unique characters with background story
  • a lot of choices of action
  • unique universe concept
  • beautiful artworks
  • over 20 soundtracks
  • create three different world-lines (three different endings)

Title: XorceD - Sashiro's Laedrum
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Release Date: 14 Apr, 2016


xorced - sashiro's laedrum

If you a good Lite Novel reader, and you can imagine what you read, I recommended this, to read a Lite Novel, in graphic version. With some choice of course.. the game is ok, i liked it

I will say you, it is not a must have, intresting and nice story.
not best grafics. sounds are fine.. PROS-----
- Very interesting characters.
- Sashiro, the main character, shows to be very mysterious within the first few chapters.
- Qi, a psychopathic sangophile who is also Sashiro's adopted brother.
- Janna, a medic and investigator who is just as mysterious as Sashiro.
- Ronald and Dan, both seem to be pretty interesting, though their faces were never shown (at least in Chapter 0).
- Plot's good so far-- nothing amazing, but it works.

- Short instrumental piano music clearly synthesized via FL Studio. I'm not really fond of how the melodies sound. The editing is a bit awkward, too.
- Not enough choices. The story is trying to give you multiple choices for each situation to make it more interactive but it's limited only to random conversations that don't have any affect on the plot.

VERDICT: The novel's okay so far. Not as good as I thought it was in my head, though-- but hey, I'm still on the second chapter when I made this review. My opinion might change. Just make sure you have the volume off so you don't have to listen to the music.. (Edited\/Updated version)

Looking back at my previous review... I no understando myself. Anyway... Onto the review!

This novel is... Interesting to say the least. Fairly short. 2-5 hours (if you read all da text and ending stuffs) the consept of it I like. Wouldn't mind another novel like this. Maybe having multiple different stories or just a single novel.

The charactors however, are almost irrelevent in most of the novel. Since it's not drawn out or anything like that, I doubt he planned to make the charactors have more backstories\/relevence in the story and make them a bit more important.

I personally like the art.

And that's about it. I can say this was one of the more enjoyable cheap novels. I give dis a 7\/10.

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