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——It is the freedom, that one’s been longing for a lifetime. ——It is the simple of mind, that one’s never released from its shackle.——It is the emaki, 5d3b920ae0

Title: Tricolour Lovestory
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 20 Sep, 2017

English,Simplified Chinese

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I wasn't able to enjoy this game and didn't finish it because the English translation is so awful.. First off, I'd like to mention I did in fact finish this VN all the way through, playing each route and seeing all there is to offer. The best way I can describe Tricolour Lovestory is this: it's a VN that has some things going for it, but ultimately is just a predictable story with an awful translation. Yes, I understand that it's a Chinese VN but the fact that it was released like this is unacceptable in my opinion. I could understand if there was a mistake here and there, but there are spelling errors and grammar mistakes throughout the entire game and because of it, not only does it make the story confusing at times, but it can really bog down the pacing and enjoyment. The developers desperately needed a proper translator. I've read several reviews where people offered to help them fix it and from what they've said, they didn't want anyone to do so. I guess they're content with having this awful translation in their game. Other than that, the story is really predictable and all of the characters (including side characters) are kind of forgettable and lackluster. The only character I even remotely cared about was Violet but even she couldn't save this VN. Daisy was alright, but I found her route to be weaker compared to Violet's. The only redeeming qualities for me were two things: the OST and the artwork. That's it. But those things don't make a good VN; the story needs to come first. I really wanted to like this VN but couldn't. It had an interesting story but the way it was written was just not executed well in my opinion. Sure, you might get a lot for only $2, but it isn't always about the money, but the enjoyment you get from that experience. I can safely say that after playing for over 43 hours, this VN is not worth playing. It may not be the worst VN I've ever played, but it definitely isn't the best one either.. Don't buy it if your looking to play it.exactly.

Through Abandoned: The Underground City Centifeed Centifeed 1.02 - New Features : Greetings Centifeeders! I am happy to announce I have implemented new features into Centifeed, as well as, several bug fixes. The primary new feature is the inclusion of a new game mode, time trial. It is a special stage that increases in difficulty with time played. New Features - New time trial mode is now available and is accessed from the stage select screen - New boost which increases player speed for a short duration and has a 5 second recharge and is activated with the left mouse button or A button on the gamepad Bug Fixes - Fixed gamepad controls for several menus - Made "leaf" tail into a unique animation - Fixed bug when unlocking new levels - Fixed bug that caused orbs to duplicate Next I will be releasing the mobile version of Centifeed very soon. Thank you for your support and please let me know what additional features you would like to see.. Centifeed 1.01 - Balancing and Bug Fixes : Greetings centifeeders! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. This past month I have been focused on fixing some issues with the original release of the game by balancing certain aspects and fixing bugs. Balancing - Increased the cost of the stages - Increased the cost of centifeeder parts - Increased the spawn rate of bosses (bugs with health bars) - Adjusted the spawn rate of all stages - Adjusted stats of several centifeeder parts Bug Fixes - Fixed zombie effect in the "Metal" stage. - Fixed issues with game images - Minor optimizations Next I have plans for an additional game mode that can be unlocked using in game resources. This will be included in the next update for FREE as a thank you to those who have supported me and this game. Also keep an eye out on the iOS and Android app stores as I am nearly complete with the mobile port of Centifeed.

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