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Train Simulator: Class 67 Diamond Jubilee Loco Add-On Activation Code [Xforce Keygen]

Train Simulator: Class 67 Diamond Jubilee Loco Add-On Activation Code [Xforce Keygen]

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Drive the Queen aboard the Royal Train to her Jubilee Celebrations, pulled by the Class 67 Diesel Electric locomotive.

The Class 67, originally built in Spain in 1999 by Alstom, with a General Motors engine and transmission, is an upgraded version of the Class 66, with a higher gearing to allow higher operating speed of up to 125mph on UK lines. Originally assigned to Mail Train services until the end of the contract with the Royal Mail in 2003, the Class 67 then found itself operating in a number of roles. Since 2004, The class 67 has been the locomotive of choice for the Royal Train, with a pair being repainted into Royal Claret livery specially for the job. In 2012 class 67 number 67 026 was renamed 'Diamond Jubilee' and received a special commemorative silver livery in celebration of the Queen's 60 Years on the throne.


  • Class 67 Diesel Electric Locomotive in DB Schenker silver and special commemorative 'Diamond Jubilee' silver livery.
  • Mk1 and Mk2 coaches, in Royal Claret livery.
  • 1 scenario for the Great Western Main Line (Oxford - Paddington) route:
    Diamond in the Rough

Title: Train Simulator: Class 67 Diamond Jubilee Loco Add-On
Genre: Simulation
Dovetail Games
Dovetail Games - Trains
Train Simulator
Release Date: 31 May, 2012


This is a nice add-on if you are looking to add a Royal Train into your scenarios on the UK routes. Just like the other Class 67 pack here on Steam. I like the cabview and the locomotive is quite fun to drive as it does have some nice sounds as well in my opinion. There is a scenario included which is okay to play. But for the price, it is good value and worth a try if you wanted to try the Class 67 before buying the full pack in other liveries that is also available here. A slight correction to the description though. The carriages are actually Mk2 and Mk3a type carriages, not Mk1 as advertised :). Worth giving it a try.

Overall Rating: 10\/10.. why flashing tail light of the royal carriage got missing textures?. For a old dlc, this is really good to me. I dont know why, but its just really enjoying to drive. Only bad things to me are the reused sounds like the engine, and the other things that suck are: 1 scenario, the coaches have no view and it seems over powered for a heavy loco. But i got it for $2 in the sale, so cant complain.

To me, its a 8\/10. What a lovely little train for such a good price!

Pretty much since the dawn of the train, the UK's monarchs have been transported by them. This addon represents the two Class 67s that have been in use since 2003.

As the Class 67 is a diesel, expect it to gather speed at a remarkable rate. This can make accelerating out of stations without breaking the speed limit easier said than done. Once the 67 reaches a high enough speed, it will stay there, making the long haul between stations fairly comfortable.

A gripe I have is with the carriages; While they are very pretty and have good physics, there's no passenger view! DTG missed out a brilliant opportunity to model the interior of the Royal Train, perhaps even including the Queen herself as a passenger.

The single scenario included is great fun and easy to do, although you'll find yourself breaking the speed limit quite a lot. I just wish there were more scenarios for this train, but what's included is very good.

In conclusion, this addon is perfect if you want a good Train Sim addon for a low price. While the lack of passenger views and extra scenarios is a bit disappointing, what's present more than makes up for it.

8.75 \/ 10. I found the Class 67 to be a nice experience so I got this one in the Steam sale. Although it comes with one scenario I would have paid a bit more for a few more scenarios. One scenario for me wasn't enough and felt there should have been more to play. but for the price paid and getting an extra loco and the royal train thrown in too, it's not too bad.

My overall rating of this would be 7.5\/10. There is really no excuse for this to be a seperate DLC from the EWS Class 67.

Sounds: Meh - Horn is a two tone but they are not controlled independently like the Class 319. The idling sounds sound like a bus to me and at speed it sounds like a Class 47.

Texturing: Good - I will throw RSC a bone because they were able to replicate a blowing union jack on the side of it.

Functionality: Poor - There is no master key nor AWS Self Test heating or extra functionality. Just a wack 'em in forward type train.

Overall: 1\/10 - My review would also probably apply to the EWS 67 in some cases, as this is a rehash of it. There is no reason for it to be a seperate DLC. NEVER EVER BUY THIS!!!!. An okay pack. Well, the sounds are a joke but it is a unique train being the Royal train running the Mark 2's and 3's in Royal train livery. The feautures are okay for something of it's age but really could do with an update to modern expectations. The ONE scenario included is okay. I would say that this train and the scenario included are really for a beginner to TS. Also, I would recommend it due to it's low price. Overall, 7.5\/10.

DaCanadiaPika<\/i>. Its rubbish i dont like the horn because its a quick little 2tone and the sounds are ok but could be better.

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