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About This Game

Mary Elisabeth Riley is to be wed to sir Charles Gilbertworth on the eve of her 21st birthday. She is reluctant, as the marriage was arranged and she does not feel it’s the time or the place – or the man for that matter. She, as a growing number of women of her age, wants to make something more out of herself, and becoming a housewife is not exactly what she had in mind.

Right before the ceremony the groom goes missing. Mary Elisabeth would be fine with this, more than fine, but the thing is, Gilbertworth disappeared in her family’s mansion, and if he’s not found, the blame might fall on her mother, widow Riley. There’s also the matter of, well, the supernatural. It seems there’s more to the folk stories than she believed.

  • nearly 300 levels to complete (60 in Story mode and over 200 unique Mystery Challenges)
  • search for clues to find your missing fiancé and discover the Riley family heritage
  • Defeat Supernatural Creatures and Ghosts in terrifing Match-3 encounters
  • intriguing story with a paranormal twist (6 unique locations to explore)
  • innovative gameplay mechanics and powerful power-ups to aid you in your quest
  • Beat high scores and complete special objectives to unlock Trophies

Title: The Mahjong Huntress
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Strategy
Nawia Games
Forever Entertainment S. A.
Release Date: 25 May, 2016


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I haven't gotten very far, but I really like this game. Sure, there are timed levels, but you don't automatically fail if you odn't meet the time. The one thing I'd want, though, is a way to undo a move.. As an old mahjong player i have a lot of words to say...

First The Good Ones :)

- Game art is very good...
- It has a story which most of mahjong games don't have...
- There are different power-ups that makes the game better than a casual mahjong game...
- Lots of levels and puzzles
- I bought the game with %90 off...cheap to have fun for a long time

And The Bad Ones :(

- Game has bugs...a lot !!!
- The music is very good at the beginning but after some levels you will see that "every" game it has the same music which never changes...after few levels i had to turn it off...really so so so boring when you play a lot...
- Some power ups don't have any meaning to use (like find matched ones etc.)

anyway...if dev's fix bugs and can make a change at the ost...it will be a good game for everyone...i will recommend this game anyway...buy...try...and if you don't like take your money back...steam gives you this chance already ;)

good game :). lol just use cheatengine.. I recommend. It's a good game for mahjong lovers and it's easy to get 100% completion.. There are no bug in this updated version of the game.
But I don't recomand this game because the idea of the charm and the power-ups is fine, but it does not work how it should be. Its designed bad (you must use too much power ups to pass a level) and makes the game boring after few hours.
I'm sad because there are good ideas behind this game, but the implementation does not sodisfy me.. pretty decent!. I don't have multiple Mahjong games in my library, so I can't compare this with anything. But I'm familiar with the Mahjong concept and this game accomplishes that. Has a weak (but neccessary?) story behind it to tempt you to finish the game - even though Mahjong is just Mahjong..... So kodus to the developers for putting a plot behind it rather than just a random Mahjong puzzle game. Can be frustrating at times when you don't get the 3 stars in each puzzle. :-) I recommend it if you like Mahjong.

Works brilliantly on Windows 10.. There's a microtransaction type of system that was implemented but abandoned in the form of "crystals". As others have stated, the Mahjong itself isn't even well programmed, because often times, various puzzles were impossible to solve. Hence, the player can use their pendant to store a single Mahjong tile at a time during the game, so they can basically cheat...but the player has to cheat to solve some of the puzzles (which I think are randomly generated). Whether that was because they wanted the user to buy the "crystals" or because of poor programming, I don't know.

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