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The Adventurer And His Backpack Torrent Download

The Adventurer And His Backpack Torrent Download

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About This Game

The game is just a self-developed small relaxing game, please do not expect too much from it. In my point of view, as long as the current game is better than the previous, I have achieved my objective.


The adventure game style is tilted more to the quirky side with different game modes resulting in different objectives but the overall game style will stay the same.
This game has a seed generation mode which will enable players to share and compete against each other, just enter the seed generated.

1.Use the left mouse button to move items between the equipment menu and the backpack.
2.Use the right mouse button to use consumables.
3.Click on the backpack button to raise its panel to view the backpack inventory.
4.The game ends immediately upon death, each different game mode has its own score calculation.
5.There're 3 choices upon meeting a monster:
·Attack —— Attack the monster, might land a critical hit or dodged by the monster, speed will be the factor to determine who attacks first.
·Escape —— The success rate is determined by the speed difference, a successful escape will grant no rewards and move on to the next day.
·Settle with gold coins —— Use a certain amount of gold coins to win and get the rewards without combat. The amount of gold coins required is the total sum of the rewards' purchase price.
6.You'll find a shop every 10 days, hold down the keyboard CTRL button and click with the left mouse button to sell. Items can only be sold at the shop.

Stats Related:
1.Normal Damage Calculation —— (Physical attack of attacker - physical defense of target) + (Magical attack of attacker - magical defense of target) = Normal Damage. Which means that both physical and magical damage will be dealt when applicable.
2.Swapping equipment will not reduce current health points, rest assure while swapping.
3.The type of property from each obtainable equipment will not change, but the value of the property will scale according to progress.
4.Each type of monster has its own unique property which will scale according to progress. 7ad7b8b382

Title: The Adventurer and His Backpack
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 4 Sep, 2017

English,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

If you like clicking 3 diffrent buttons a lot this is the game for you.... Childish and causual, whimsical and addicting. I tend to go for bigger games but I love that I can just play a quick round of this cute turn-based game and not get too sucked-in to a greater story. Great for kids too.. Really fun game! It can get kind of repetitive, but it's a very satisfying game. The developer seems to care a lot about it, and I'm excited to see more content come from this!. Ugly, poor game. Do not recommend.. game is pretty good, adventure type clicker 9\/11 will r8 gr8.. Fails to compete with free games available in the genre.

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