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About This Game

The bright dancing lights of the aurora illuminates the sky of Terra Feminarum every night. However, recently the northern lights have strangely become restless and weaken. Three the most powerful shamans of the “Land of Women” are willing to investigate the matter. The road to the Pohjola shall be traveled once more.

Terra Feminarum is a Finnish mythology themed Japanese style manic shoot ’em up. The characters and the story are based on Finnish mythology. The gameplay and the art style are both highly inspired by Japanese danmaku shooters.


  • Hand drawn HD (1080p) graphics. No wasted screen space!
  • 7 Character driven story chapters that leads the player trough the forests and lakes into the mystical land of Pohjola.
  • Story Mode where player can experience the story chapters individually. The character progress will be saved. This mode has also special challenges!
  • Arcade Mode with traditional arcade like experience for 1cc and score runs. No continues. A true challenge for the most skilled players.
  • 4 difficulties: Novice, Normal, Hard and Brutal. While the Brutal difficulty will separate the flesh from the bones, the Novice difficulty will give you mercy.
  • Special Weapon System lets the player pick up mana from fallen enemies to power their shaman’s most powerful attacks.
  • Enhancement system lets the player enhance the playable characters by beating bosses and challenges.
  • The games magical soundtrack enchants you with varied folk themed songs running from waltz to black metal.


Title: Terra Feminarum
Genre: Action, Indie
Polar Night Games
Polar Night Games
Release Date: 28 Feb, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-3110M
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce GT 650M or equivalent. OpenGL 3.3+
  • Storage: 800 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Do not use non-ASCII (non-English) characters on the game installation path!


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A well-made game with good attention to details. I wish it got more coverage and reviews as I think those would be mostly positive and the devs would deserve for the game to be noticed at least in the community of bullethell enthusiasts. The folklore atmosphere is good and spans consistently over the story, characters and soundtrack. The mix of Finnish and Japanese elements is interesting and fresh. The difficulty is high, as it should be and the core gameplay well implemented. If you like a challenge, smooth bullethell shoot'em up gameplay and welcome the idea of atmostpheric story elements in a fresh and unique take, then get this one.. I purchased the game for its Kalevala setting, and it turns out quite - not bad.

Personally I would say this game is influenced by the Touhou series to a certain extent, I mean the part where boss have separate 'spells' each with a name and such. I also acknowledge that Cave's shmups are popular in Finland for whatever reason, so they might be one of the inspirations as well.

The bullet patterns are fine, no serious problems, no outrageous innovations. Graphics give a very indie feeling, which is not really a bad thing. For me, the two forementioned aspects are of average / mediocre quality. Seen better, seen worse, that's it.
What makes me think the game really worth more than the 100 yen labelled price should be the music. Accordions and synth-rock give a very, very, almost stereotypical 'Finnish' feeling. Not to mention some of the traditional tune remixes.

I don't really enjoy widescreen vertical shooter, and this one, unfortunately, as well. It's just a problem of habits and familiarity though.
Also, speaking of problems, I experienced some weird lags in input as well as in display. I would suggest that these were caused by some engine / danmaku logic flaws. Fixes will be appreciated if possible.

Overall 7.5/10, considering the very low price.. Finnish mythology is driving the story in this bullet hell SHMUP. The soundtrack sports black metal, polka and folk music. Japanese bullet hell tropes fill in the gaps. The characters are as doujin as it gets. The gameplay is well tuned, refined and pretty much with no skill ceiling. Terra Feminarum isn't easy, even for its genre's standards. There's no Novice option and even Normal is manic right off the bet. The story mode sort of doubles as training wheels. You tackle one chapter at the time and will receive persistent perks for doing so. This allows the player to build up his\/her favorite character, everything becomes a bit more manageable and stays fun. Gained skills can be applied in arcade mode and are dearly needed: no continues, perks need to be re-earned with each run, 1CC or bust.. An excellent shmup with spectacular visuals,a cast filled with gorgeous waifus and a story taking place in the world of Finnish mythology.. this is a good game, buy it.. Touhou game set in the nordic setting!
10\/10. Bullet hell, waifus, music: everything is there. It even has actual key config (suck it ZUN).
Game has upgrade system that allows hardcore people finish it "as is" AND more casual auditory to grind abit for easier experience (you get bonuses after finishing levels and then some if you do achievements that make your character stronger).

Game needs some minor polish but it 100% WORTH BUYING.

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