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Spiders II: Breeding Ground 720p Torrent ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Spiders II: Breeding Ground

Genge: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller


















































Jason and Alexandra 'Alex', a close couple, lose their sail yacht in a storm and are grateful to get picked up by Captain Jim Bigelow's commercial carrier. Suspicious about the rough treatment and injections given by ship's doctor Gerbac which make the strong man faint, and realizing the ship is improbably empty and the radio not broken as the crew claims, Jason starts snooping around and finds human bodies on meat hooks, but even Alex thinks he's just hallucinating. Alas while sane Jason is restrained for his 'paranoia', the real madmen are the doc's genetic experiment outfit, who abuse their human captives as live incubators for a giant spider's eggs...
I realize that this movie was made in Eastern Europe by a German company, and that the special effects were a little childish. But while the acting by the main players was excellent, even the actors playing the ship's crew tried their level best to turn in a good performance. The plot was just a little too contrived, but then this was a horror movie so I would expect to suspend my realism for a little while. In any event this movie was certainly worth seeing once, and the truth of the matter is that Stephanie Niznik was really believable, and took her role very seriously. Her husband was okay, but Richard Moll as the Doctor was just wonderful, even when he and Niznik played who's got the gun at the very end, it wasn't really as Abbot and Costello as it looked. Spiders 2 was definitely a good, scary movie which deserves more credit than it has been given.
I had read about this film in Fangoria, so I was really looking forward to seeing it and my local video store had it for rent, so I figured why not check it out. I was severely disappointed. Judging from the trailer the film had a lot going for it and I knew going into it that it was a low budget film, so I was willing to cut it some slack and even then it has real problems; the major one being the film was too ambitious for its budget and having had a better budget probably could have better than Eight Legged Freaks.

Im not going to be as rough as some reviewers are on this film, but I wouldnt recommend it. Its major fault was the SFX, which considering the title are the cornerstone of a movie like this and considering the low budget, it did some some good effects, but for every good SFX shot, there was 2 bad ones. The film had a great atmosphere in the claustrophic confines of a ship and spiders running loose but never managed to create any tension or a feeling of claustrophobia. Also why they made computer generated shots of stuff like a wrecked ship or even the cargo ship itself is beyond me, because thats some of the stuff that really looked fake esp. when they had long lingering shots. The interiors sets were believable probably because they actually filmed it on an old ship. I was really expecting some good gore in this film and it even failed on that level, the spider attacks were just consisted of their fangs impaling their victims. The major fault of the film though, which many had pointed out, was the script and even for a film like this you expect something other than ,"Spiders are Carninvores, you know that?". No kidding you mean flies and insects are vegetable matter? Are people stupid enough to believe that a cut on the neck of the lead actor that required stitches would need as much medical attention as it got in the movie? The acting was passable but still left something to be desired.

The bottom line is that this film isnt really worth your time or money and its a shame, because with a better script and more money it could have been at least entertaining sci-fi splatter film.


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