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Original Title: Soulcalibur IV

Genge: Action,Fantasy,Mystery































Engrave your name in history! During the reincarnation of the soul calibur and soul edge swords something awakened! The battle between the two swords is in its final phase! Be part of the ultimate fight!
Soul Calibur IV- 2008 In terms of story, the main focus here is redemption for almost all of the characters, some seek revenge, and others seek retribution or pure power by obtaining Soul Edge or by destroying it. Overall, the stories are purely individual; the majority of the time they do not link or in the case of Raphael and Amy is just lazy to repeat the same ending. I would have liked to see more character interactions besides everyone interacting with just 3 characters. The characters were Algol, Nightmare, and Siegfried, the latter who used to be 1 character in previous installments and is mainly Algol and Nightmare. In terms of my favorite ending, that has to be Nightmare's, not because of his simple dark motivation, but because of the epic choir that accompanies Siegfried's death by Nightmare, is just pure epic! Now, in terms of gameplay, the game is flawless, and it would be the best fighting game ever made, if not for Mortal Kombat- 2011. The fighting mechanic is balanced in a way that any novice can pick it up and have a chance, if at least a slim chance, against an expert with the different weapons available for each character, their different throws, the possibilities of Ring-Outs, or Soul Breaks if a character blocks too much. The music is orchestrated beautifully, the character creator is very detailed in customizations, even equipped with endings for the custom characters, too bad those aren't customizable, and there are only 3. Those are for Good character, Evil Character, or Neutral Character, but the fact that they get a cinematic was a welcome surprise. My best characters, I always have at least 2 in fighting games are Vader and Siegfried, the latter being my best. Challenges are always welcome, my PSN name is super4537 and my overall review is that this game is definitely worth buying.
1999 Soul Calibur set a new standard for 1 on 1 weapons fighters.

The game was superb and sadly only available on the dead Dreamcast.

2003 SC 2 comes out. 3 systems 3 special characters. A slight improvement graphically and game playwise over the first.

2005 SC 3. Which was SC2 with a few new characters. It hardly made note. Its main bonus was the character creation mode. Finally we get SC4.

Perhaps its the next gen system thing, but SC4 is finally the upgrade of the game that we have been waiting for.

1st off its the only fighting game where Darth Vader comes off playable. (the star wars one of old is painful to play)

There has been a huge jump in graphics.

Taki's melon sized chest has been reduced (still well endowed just not back breaking.) And her outfit manages to not be totally offensive.

Character creation is easy and effective.

Getting the new characters no longer requires you to go through the obscene weapon master or path of souls mode.

I think my favorite addition would be the new fighter Hilde.

A female character that actually wears armor into a fight.

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