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About This Game

Park Bound is a massively multiplayer playground featuring player crafted parks. Parks contain a variety of open worlds to explore and play with other players. Each world has different goals, obstacles, and collectible treasures used to unlock more challenging levels. Jump across traps, dodge obstacles, pick up jetpacks, soar through the sky with gliders, and even roll inside balls to complete objectives.


  • Playable solo, with friends, and other players you find in the parks.
  • Explore and collect treasures in the main park created by the developer and parks created by the community.
  • Variety of levels types from platforming obstacle courses, party-style mini-games, to explorable sandboxes.
  • Pick up jetpacks, gliders, gyroballs, double jump, and more - each changing how you play the levels.
  • Includes in-game level editor where you can create your own network of worlds combined as a park.
  • Build and share your own objects or use existing libraries created by the developer and other players.

The Parks

The game is a continually growing ecosystem of parks created by both the community and the developer. Each park, managed by a single player, is its own self contained universe that offers consistent level quality as well as a place to return to as more levels are created. Parks can be visited by jumping into portals located throughout the hub world or by using the in-game park browser.

Each park is filled with levels that can be created with a variety of styles and objectives. Some levels may be an intense obstacle course requiring expert precision, analysis, and execution. Other levels may be open worlds with a variety of smaller challenges to be completed independently. Levels can have special rewards for taking difficult paths, finding secret locations, completing a section under a specified time limit, or gathering collectibles in a dangerous area.

Level Editor

As a creator, the level editor gives you full control of everything in your park. Once the park is opened it is always online and accessible to anyone with the game. You can watch your park from above, play alongside visitors, and view real-time population metrics to gather valuable feedback about your levels.

The level editor gives the tools to create spaces efficiently without limitations. Using a visual interface creators build entire levels without any programming or scripting languages. The editor provides customizable shape primitives, terrain, voxels, materials, animations, lighting, music, sound effects, particles, prefabs, and more. Prefabs give designers the ability to create complex re-usable objects in discrete packages. Park Bound embraces an open design philosophy where creations can be shared and modified freely between authors. This atmosphere of collaboration allows authors to combine and improve existing ideas to create new worlds. 6d5b4406ea

Title: Park Bound
Genre: Action, Indie, Massively Multiplayer
Bambastic Games
Bambastic Games
Release Date: 30 Nov, 2017


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Platforming alone does not a game make.. Good game to play w friends and to make friends. Also some suggestions fort he devs., can u add a crouch for the ctrl key? It just feels like im missing something and i keep on pressing the ctrl key to crouch.(just for fun) And for the communication, adding a mic not might a bad idea but first why not letting other people type in different languages. That could help with other nationalities commucating with their friends online hehe. Just some ideas for the next game update. Gud Game tho..

Much better than Ko-SНIT-gama.. This is one of the best party games to play with friends.

YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH FUSTRATION! YOU MAY LOSE A FRIEND BECAUSE THEY BEAT YOU TO THE FINISH FIRST! BEWARE!!!!. A good solid platformer. the dev's park has plenty to do while the game builds traction.
The level editor will take some time to learn but has alot of potential. This game is a must if you like making levels. cant wait to see what others make.. \ud83d\udc4d\ud83d\udc4d\ud83d\udc4d\ud83d\udc4d\ud83d\udc4d

Much better than Ko-S\u041dIT-gama.. I typically don't write many reviews on here but I want to see this game succeed! This game is a great start with a very fresh idea that I think can catch on, especially when people start using the Map Creator to share on the Workshop! I made a video over this if you want to see a few of the game modes in it https://youtu.be/w9frciuOWi4 If you're looking for a fun MMO with tons of things to do, definitely worth picking this up for $14.. Park Bound is plain out an amazing game. The freedom you have in the level editor, which is a big part of this game, is very nice. The main game has one park you can play, but there are other parks created by the community, and you can create your own as well! One warning: This game is extremely addicting! If you think you will enjoy this game, I highly suggest you buy it! :D. This game deserves much more attention. The gaming industry lacks a great modern 3D platformer, alongside the release of the expensive and mediocre Yooka Laylee, gamers kinda overlooked a better 3D platformer known as Park Bound.The replay value is infinite. It supports co-op and steam workshop. There may be some issues here and there, but overall Park Bound is really fun.. Amazing game, like a 3D mario maker. The trailer does a horrible job of showing how good and high quality the game is (srsly bam fix this) but the game is actually very good and can be played on very old/slow computers. Theres plenty to do, theres usually under 4 players online at once, 12 players at most if you are lucky, so we have plenty of room for more players, come join! The game is around 1 year old at time of writing this so theres lots of room for improvement so if you think its not that good then just wait a bit.

Launch Update:
The game should be available now, but the store page is still showing as "Coming Soon". There is a pending Steamworks support ticket to help resolve this issue. I will update this as soon as there is more information. Sorry for the delay.

Edit: Steam support resolved the issue with the store page. Park Bound is now live!. Park Bound 1.6.0 released:
Update is required to play recently uploaded parks or with other players on 1.6.0. Players with older versions will be split into their own sectors.

Level Editor. Park Bound 1.4.0 released:
Update is required to play recently uploaded parks or with other players on 1.4.0. Players with older versions will be split into their own sectors.

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