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Original Title: Out Of My Mind

Genge: Action,Drama,Fantasy,Romance































Joyce faints while at home, and while the gang is at the hospital, Dawn discovers that Riley's heartbeat is off the charts, but Riley ignores it. When Buffy enlists the Initiative's help, Riley gets angry and runs, and he eventually admits to Buffy that he's afraid they'll make him a normal guy, causing her to lose interest in him. She manages to get him to the Initiative doctor, only to find that Spike has forced the doctor to remove his chip...
While Riley's health begins to deteriorate, Spike and Harmony force a surgeon to remove the behavior modification chip embedded in Spike's brain.
I absolutely love this episode. It is one of my all time favorite Buffy The Vampire Slayer episodes. It's so funny, and of course, it brings in the start of my favorite couple on this show, Buffy and Spike.

In this episode, Spike decides it's time to get rid of his chip, once and for all. And when Riley starts getting sick, because his heart is all screwed up, thanks to Maggie Walsh's implants and doses, Spike has the perfect opportunity. He finds out where there's an Initiative doctor, takes Harmony along, threatens the doctor, and gets him to perform brain surgery. He makes the doctor remove the chip, and the he and Buffy have a giant fight. But it turns out that the doctor couldn't remove the chip, and Spike and Harmony run away. A few hours later, Buffy shows up at Spike's crypt, and they have a big argument, then Spike kisses Buffy, and says he loves her. Then Spike wakes up, all huffing and puffing, and realizes that it was a dream. But worse, he realizes that he's in love with Buffy and begs it to not be true. You can't fight feelings, Spike.

Overall, I give this episode a 10 out of 10. Spike and Angel are my two favorite characters and I'm basically happy with whoever the date. (Well, except Nina in season five of "Angel." She a waste of time, but that's another post.) Anyway, I enjoy the Angel & Buffy, Angel & Cordy, Spike & Dru, and Spike & Buffy relationships. That said, I actually find the Spike and Buffy pairing the most interesting to watch. It takes a long time to develop and play out. It has a lot of set backs and wrong turns along the way, but it also has some of the sweetest, most meaningful moments in the entire series. It forces both of them to make decisions that they'd never expect and, in the end, to come out better "people." I love Spike and Buffy together and this is the episode that sets up their relationship. This episode also introduces Ben and shows us that Joyce is sick. You can't skip it if you're watching on DVD. It changes the whole course of the show.

"Out of My Mind" revolves around Spike's latest attempt to get the chip out of his head. When Joyce faints and is rushed to the hospital, Buffy meets an intern named Ben. She also finds out that Riley is having heart problems. It seems those experiments that the Initative did to make him all super-powered are slowly killing him. With the backing of Riley's old friends, Buffy tries to convince Riley to get help. Riley is scared that if he becomes a regular guy again, Buffy won't want him. He runs off.

Desperate to find Riley, Buffy goes to Spike for help. She explains that there is an army doctor standing by to operate on Riley and she offers to pay Spike for his help if he can track Riley down. Spike has a better idea, though. He and Harmony kidnap the doctor for themselves and force him to do an operation that will remove the chip in Spike's head. Buffy, meanwhile, finds Riley. Furious that Spike stole the doctor, Buffy goes after him. The doctor is unable to remove Spike's chip, but he's afraid to tell Spike and Harm that. He pretends to complete the operation and when Buffy arrives, Spike attacks her thinking that he's cured. He's not. The chip goes off and Spike retreats in frustration. That night Spike has a dream about kissing Buffy. He wakes up, gasping in horror, and realizes that he loves her.

There are a lot of good parts to this episode. I love that Spike really is trying to protect Harmony from Buffy. He might make fun of Harm and roll his eyes and threaten to stake her again, but in the end he hides her in his tomb to keep her safe. Given a choice, Spike will always side with the underdog. I think that he identifies with them on some level. He protected Dru for over a century and he automatically does the same thing with Harm. I also love the scenes with Harmony, Spike and the Doctor. She's taken up smoking. (Because she's "Hello?" evil now and her evil mentor, Spike, smokes all the time.) But, when the doctor tells her that she has to put her cigarette out Harmony, diabolical master mind that she is, quickly apologizes and stops smoking. She just isn't cut out for evil schemes.

Also, I think it's interesting that even with a chip in his head, Spike seemed to beat Buffy in their fight. Which sort of lends credence to Harm and Dru's later accusations that he's never really fought Buffy full out. Personally, I tend to think that Buffy, Spike and Angel are about equally matched. Depending on the day, and how mad they are, any one of them could come out the winner in a fight. When Riley and Buffy argue in the cave, he's actually right. Riley claims that Buffy won't want him if he's not super-powered any more. Buffy snaps that if she cared about dating someone really strong, she'd be with Spike. But, she's missing his deeper point. It's not about mere physical strength. Buffy is the Slayer and she needs someone who is her equal. Someone who can fight with her, and stand up to her, and who she can be herself with. Riley can't be that person and he knows it. Maybe Buffy knows it, too, but she's in complete denial. Riley doesn't have a place in her world the way Angel and Spike do.

On the downside, how did Buffy think that Spike could get Riley to the doctor's on his own? With the chip in his head, Spike can't exactly knock Riley out and carry him there. Also, shouldn't Buffy have been mad at Spike for trying to steal Riley's doctor? We never have a scene where she confronts him about that. By the next episode, it's just forgotten.

My favorite part of the episode: Spike watching "Dawson's Creek." I enjoy it on about four different levels. (1) It's just funny to see a 120-something vampire watching a teen soap opera. (2) He's shouting, "Pacey, you blind idiot, can't you see that she doesn't love you?" at the screen. Which sort of mirrors the reactions that everyone will be having about his seemingly unrequited love for Buffy over the next few years. (3) In season seven, Buffy accuses Angel of going all "Dawson" on her about her relationship with Spike. Which means that she must watch the show, too. (4) On "Dawson's Creek" Joey chooses Pacey over Dawson in the end, which I think is kind of interesting. If Buffy sees Angel as "Dawson, does that mean she sees Spike as "Pacey?" And if she does, does that mean that she's unconsciously choosing Spike over Angel? I'm not sure. But, all in all, that's a lot of meaning to be packed into one five second scene.

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