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Grand Strategy on a Small Scale

January, 1915. The Race to the Sea is over. The Great War has just begun. You are the commander of a single divis 5d3b920ae0

Title: On The Western Front
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Release Date: 5 Oct, 2018


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Original game, very promising but better to wait for after EA.. Im giving money to a concept I totally love for its development in this game. I hope it becomes as deep and as wide as it could be.. It's like Dwarf Fortress but on the Western Front. This game, while still rough, has the potential to become something really great. It's not another hex-and-counter game where all you're doing is shuffling things around like some funny smelling cardboard wargame. It's WEGO. It's alive. The game still needs polish but on the plus side the dev is very active and within a week of me making some suggestions, they were all in the game. That's pretty cool. For $10 it's a relatively easy entry. If you want some detail and meat to your game and don't mind some rather simplistic graphics, give it a go.. I'll keep it in the library with the hope it will improve. Game needs alot of work to be even remotely playable. No options to change graphic settings - text is hard to read - when you zoom in?????? the units stay the same size???? just the view area gets smaller???? This is not zoom as i see it. Buttons and controls feel unresponsive. I just could not play it or even try to play it for too long at this stage. Needs Work on the basics. Recommend not to buy unless you want to support development. Great idea, but a long long way to go yet. Sorry have to give a thumbs down and hit the refund button.. Currently the game crashes fairly reliably after under 5 minutes of "play" . I wish I could write something positive about it, but it's just not in a state where I can say there is. There doesn't even seem to be a crash dump collector so that the dev can learn about when there are problems; meaning that one can't expect the problems to be fixed in good time.. HORRID Controls,, no graphical control which results in you being unable to read jack.. Very tricky but really fun, cant wait for more updates i just hope there is a way to make it easier as i seam to hjave to micromanage every unit to put it them in place really good though. I cannot recommend this game at the moment simply because it keeps crashing when i try to play until this is fixed i cant recommend this. I bought this game once when it first came out i refunded it shortly after because i the game was in an extreme early phase, Then i re-bought the game in January it was fine i could play it because i play games like this but then they updated it hotfix 8 or 7 when the game kept crashing over and over again the recent update they have done didn't fix this. If you want to buy this game i recommend buying it at a later date.

Hotfix 2 : Hi all, The air combat changes from the last update broke all the tutorials, so I've released a patch that fixes them all. Sorry for the trouble. I've also made a few more changes to pathfinding, which should hopefully help the game run a little smoother late-game.. Remembrance/Armistice Day Weekend Update : Hi all, I've added a couple of new features this week! Alternate Font The Settings screen in the main menu now has the option of switching to an alternate font which I believe shows up better at lower resolutions. This can only be done on the main menu, because allowing it from the pause menu would be MUCH harder to implement. Let me know if the new font helps - I can always change it to something else if necessary. Aircraft I've now made it necessary to assign aircraft to individual pilots before sending them out on sorties. It's pretty basic at the moment. Once you get 1,000 Valour points, you can upgrade any of the aircraft to better models, which provide bonuses in combat against inferior enemy aircraft. You can also have pilots change planes if one becomes too damaged. Let me know what you think of this feature. I'm not 100% sure how much detail should go into it, so I'd love the feedback. Bugfixes: In the process of tweaking the aerodrome, I noticed that new pilots weren't being generated. Now, at the beginning of each month, if the number of pilots and/or planes is too low, new ones are generated. Pilot info now contains an icon to indicate whether they are Recon or Escort pilots. Fixed bug in which scheduled orders for dugouts and blockhouses wasn't working. Fixed bug in which Dry Weather Only scheduled orders wouldn't work a lot of the time. Optimized pathfinding a bit, which should reduce some lag whne pathfinding over long distances.. Hotfix 4 : Hi all, Was a bit sick this past week, so I mostly focused on small-ish things rather than adding anything totally new. Bugfixes/Changes: The Alternate Font was bugged out and would often crash when used. I've managed to track down the issue and fix it. "Supply Area" order was buggy due to the units in question sometimes resupplying with invalid load types when automatically resupplying from the rear. I've fixed the issue so that units will no longer resupply with invalid load types. Following on from the previous issue, units that automatically return to resupply in the rear will select load types based on the prevalence of open ground within their assigned areas/routes. More open ground means a higher probability of shells for artillery, while more trenches, comm. trenches, and the like means ammo/tools. Following even further on with supply types, non-artillery units will no longer take shells from supply units. Obscured units that appear when fog of war is enabled now match the colour of their faction properly instead of all looking British. This was an easy fix that really should have been a day one type thing, but it was such a minor issue that I kept putting it off. AI has been improved so that it will now consolidate new forward trenches better (setting up new kitchens, field hospitals, comm. trenches) if it manages to take them from the player. Readiness regain rate has been slowed in sub-optimal weather. Food regain rate has been increased for units in dugouts. Upgrades now actually reduce division Valour points again. I disabled this at some point for my own testing and forgot to re-enable it. Hitting the ESC key while in the middle of a construction order now clears and resets the mouse cursor. Pilots now cannot be withdrawn until the Wireless Radios upgrade is unlocked. Wireless Radio upgrade also cuts order delay in half.. New Buttons : Hi all, Hope you're all having a good weekend. I've taken into account some of your suggestions and added a few more quality of life improvements: The top right corner of the screen now contains some extra buttons which help highlight things such as which units need supplies or medical attention. Players can now choose to only show units of certain types ie. only Rifle units, or only Machine Gun units, etc. Turning off Fog of War is now an option. This can only be done from the Main Menu when starting a new game, not from the Pause menu.. Portraits : Hi all, Some issues with the help text have been addressed, as well as some minor changes that hopefully improve the user experience. I've also added portraits into the game for officers and pilots. This adds literally nothing to the game except for kind of looking cool. I'll add more variation as I go, but for now at least it's functional. Bugfixes/Changes: Portraits have been added for officers and pilots. Some typos and grammar issues in the help text have been fixed. Section about officers has been added to the help text. Watch Duty is now possible in blockhouses. Structures built in houses and forests are now partially visible. Weather conditions now affect artillery. Number of squares hit within an artillery unit's attack range is now reduced in adverse weather conditions. Artillery now actively avoids tiles which would be unfeasible to stop in, such as dugouts and houses. Bug in which two-tile sized houses were not properly providing cover over both tiles is now fixed. Units will no longer be able to stop in tiles if they are over the crowding limit. I'm hoping this addresses some concerns with regard to the feasibility of having hundreds of men crammed into a single tile by forcing players (and the AI) to be a bit more proactive in building comprehensive trench networks.. Scheduling : Hi all, I've added a new sub-screen at the top of the screen alongside the Aerodrome button. This screen lets you schedule construction orders and artillery bombardments in advance, with the option of limiting them to a certain time. So, for instance, you can make units set wire only at night, and have them repeat it every night. The screen gets populated with the units you currently have selected. In addition, I've also added another button at the top-right of the screen, which allows you to quickly manage and view existing orders. Hope this helps make the game a little easier to manage. Changelist: New Schedule screen which allows you to manage scheduled orders. Added orders pop-up button at the top right of the screen. Bugfixes: Fixed Pilot experience bug, where it would remain as Inexperienced despite hitting 100%. Pilots now withdraw properly and re-appear on the pilot list. Previously, they would mysteriously disappear. Fixed a bug in which drag-selecting units would only select one unit from each tile.. Some Info in the Discussion forums! : Hi all, I've noticed that there have been more than a few wishlists in the short time this game's Coming Soon page has been available on Steam. For more information about the game, feel free to check out the Discussion forums. There are a few threads that shed light on some of the mechanics of the game.

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