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About This Game

In a Soviet Laboratory on Venus, a secret super-soldier program has gone horribly wrong. Subjects gained super-human strength and reflexes, but became irrationally violent. What's worse, those the subjects attacked began showing the same symptoms. These beings, dubbed "Ninja," have now overrun the facility. The laboratory has gone into lockdown. You play as a lone scientist who must find a way to escape from the Ninja Outbreak.


- Scarcity of Resources: Ammo is scarce, and sometimes your best option will be to run.

- Risk and Reward: Do you go for that extra bit of ammo, or that key that will open a shortcut, when you know there's a Ninja just around the corner?

- Weapon Variety: In addition to basic weapons such as the pistol and shotgun, you can find experimental weapons being developed at the laboratory.

- Exploration: How much of the game world you explore is up to you. Do you delve deeper into the laboratory searching for weapons and resources, or do you head straight to the North Lab to take on the Master Ninja?

- Many enemy types: You will face off against many varieties of Ninja as well as dangerous Venusian lifeforms. Some ninja will sabotage your environment, some will steal items, and some will follow you from a distance before jumping in for a precise strike.

-Betray the Ninja Empire: Ninja is supreme and you have double-crossed it! Why did you do that? 7ad7b8b382

Title: Ninja Outbreak
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Renegade Sector Games
Renegade Sector Games
Tales of the Renegade Sector
Release Date: 20 Sep, 2015


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 2.33GHz x86-compatible processor
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Any
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Any


Funk, time just flies, huh?

I finished this about a month ago (after owning it for a couple months), and it's a captivating game! However, life had other plans for me, much like it did for the protagonist of Ninja Outbreak, stranded in a lab after an experiment gone wrong. Such a typical story, especially when it involves work towards creating supersoldiers, right?

Yet what's interesting about this game is how it plays into a low-fi survival horror-esque style and gives you the tools to fight back. Not only that, but where it tries, and succeeds most effectively to some degree at creating this survival horror tension, is through the ninjas' unusual ability to silence<\/i> everything as they approach, complemented by their use of smoke bombs to largely knock out two of your senses.

Two senses one relies on so heavily in a game, just ripped away from them completely, with the only hope of survival being to lash out till they see some spark of contact and reestablish their orientation in the world. At times, it's both an unnerving and swiftly satisfying sense, almost of catching an object before it hits the ground, when you pierce the ninjas' ambush and strike back against them.

All things considering, it is this frequent sense of overcoming the odds that perhaps makes the game the most enjoyable, even as one may get a tad turned around at times in the labs. Speaking of getting turned around, what's most important to remember is that you don't<\/i> need to thoroughly scour the labs before setting off to face the final boss, despite the game cautioning you to be prepared before going forward. So long as you have more than a single clip of ammo left in whichever weapons\/gadgets you have, and some food, you should be fairly good to move ahead.

What simply moving ahead also ensures is that, should you wish to revisit the game, there's absolutely more to find, such as hidden ninja hearts that I imagine may do something more when all are acquired, but I couldn't find all of in my first playthrough (due to also missing some weaponry\/gadgets that may have opened more paths).

Finally, I haven't mentioned this until now, because I wanted all of the above to guide you to whether or not you may want to pick this up, but this is definitely a semi-sequel to the developer's previous work, Venusian Vengeance. I say semi-sequel, because you can easily play this without ever playing Venusian Vengeance and, I believe, enjoy it as much, if not more. The reason's simple: the gameplay styles are totally different, with Venusian Vengeance being a faster paced shoot'em up, and Ninja Outbreak being a slower paced, survival horror-esque game.

That said, what's probably most interesting about these games is observing just how different<\/i> they are from one another. Venusian Vengeance feels more drawn out & distanced from what one is doing across Venus, whereas Ninja Outbreak feels drawn into & intimate to the aftermath of things gone wrong (as one would hope, given the game's focus!). In some respects it's almost like, say, if Bungie hadn't been pushed ahead to make Halo 2, were more experimentally minded, and instead had doubled down into the brief horror aesthetic of Halo's Flood levels, except from the perspective of a rookie soldier that first encountered the Flood alongside his troop, only to see them get wiped out & try to make the best of a terrible situation.

Nobody would expect that coming from the more guns blazing style of Halo 1, and that's roughly speaking what Ninja Outbreak is like following Venusian Vengeance. Guns blazing, to carefully scraping by & doing what one can to overcome supersoldiers gone wrong. Thankfully, Ninja Outbreak makes the stylistic transition rather well, and in a number of ways is all the more interesting for it, so do give it a look on its own, but also don't hesitate to check out Venusian Vengeance as well!

Both are short, and well worth it!. played for less than 10 minutes, already experienced several bugs.
Weapon just sometimes doesn't respond, regardless of cooldown, I could walk up to an enemy, click to attack and get nothing.
Sound design is pretty egregiously obnoxious. Second room you just hear a constant pattering of what I think is supposed to be footsteps. Sound totally cuts out by the fourth room, for some unknown reason.
Had enemies not react to my attacks at all (while I had proper graphics display for my attack to come out), and got stuck and killed in between one of the camera panning look thing.<\/i>
You can use up your healing item by accident even if you've already got full health.
Controller support would be nice.
Resolution settings are kind of weird, no real resolution options just "make it bigger" or "make it smaller."
Art is kinda neat for what it is, although not pretty, and kinda hard to read upon first entering a room.

Pretty terrible first impression. Don't have much reason to continue giving it a chance.

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