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Pickaxe ready? Coal, iron, gold & diamond! 18 Miners to unlock! Getcha' chop!

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Title: Miner Mayhem
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Anarchy Enterprises
Anarchy Enterprises
Release Date: 23 Sep, 2015


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My full review can be found here. Let me tell you a story. A story of a miner - we'll name him George - who was bored of his regular mining life. He wanted tod o something different, something that most would even consider to be impossible. George wanted to dig into an infite pillar of ore! Oh but of course they told him no, because that's just silly! George would have none of it, and thus he started to have a Miner Mayhem. Miner Mayhem is basically a clicker game where you need to move the mouse back and forth, avoiding the pieces jutting out of the ore, all while you try and get as high of a score as you can. Interesting in concept, and it does work. Just not in this game. A game like this desparately needs the ability to click both the right and left mouse buttons, not just the left. The sensitivity on where you can click got me killed more times than I can count. You can unlock additional skins for the miner depending on how you perform in the game, but that's all they are - skins. They don't do anything special or different for you. Skip Miner Mayhem and go play better titles (like Timberman). Tell poor George that his dreams are hopeless, all thanks to the TOO minimal controls within his poor game. He also needs to not go after ore that looks like it is straight out of Minecraft, and if he really wants to then he should just go play Minecraft instead.. Epic game, just4fun. Buy cheap, play in free time when you want just to relax.. HOW DO U REFUND. Good wallpaper and background. The game is honestly the simplest game ever.. The only game I have over 1000 frames in, outside of the menu screen. Seriously if this game looks like a good purchase to you, please don't vote.. Hey, That's pretty good

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