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About This Game

METAGAL is an 2D platformer action game.

You will take the shoes of "Meta" ,a cyborg girl, in her quest to rescue her Creator "Dr Ray" from the hands of "General Creeper", the evil leader of a rogue army!!
Also Metagal's sisters, were kidnapped by Creeper: he turned them in battle cyborgs, in order to use their powers to rule the world!! Meta must face her sisters, free them, and copy their abilities. She must fight for 8 stages of intense action, and prepare herself for the final confrontation against Creeper himself!

[Unique Features]

- Classic jump and shoot style platformer.

- 8 levels with unique environment,detailed design and different gimmick.

- 30 Enemies types not including Boss

- Defeat Gal No.# Boss and use their weapon.

- Collect secret items to power up your character.

- Soft death penalty with "Gear" system allows player to resolve their mistakes with less frustration.

- Controller and Keyboard customize support.

- Finish the game once and play as Boss Characters each come with their own power and upgrade!

*Note* This game support only "XInput controllers" Like Xbox 360 Controller for Example a09c17d780

Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 23 May, 2016


  • OS: min Windows XP
  • Processor: any processor with more than 1ghz (even less)
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: any card
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 19 MB available space
  • Sound Card: any card

English,Italian,Simplified Chinese,Thai

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I bought this game while waiting for Mighty No. 9 in an attempt to try a classic megaman game. With that said this game will deliver on a Megaman feel now that the gun energy resource has been buffed but for the people looking for a Megaman game, don't do this to yourself. Play a megaman game not a immitator. For the price its really nice. This review is going to come off rude but this game is straight up insulting to the player. This is something every game developer needs to do and usually takes up more than 50% of development time: Polish your ♥♥♥♥ing game. Playtesting, Debugging, Adding Nuance, Putting effort into UI/Controls/Options/Menu/ ♥♥♥♥ing Spelling. Releasing a game that's beatable doesn't make it any less unfinished. You're an independent developer, not a god damned retard. If you made the game to begin with you can definitely put forth the effort to not have the most basic, standard, "it works so it's fine.." everything! There's a reason this game is only being sold for four dollars, and it's not because the dev is generous!

Unfortunately, people will still pay for games that are newgrounds-tier quality because they have so little standards that they'll take anything instead of asking for better games, because eventually, developers who want money are gonna have to listen to the majority. So congratulations, you're a game developer profiting off literal wastes of life. If that's the legacy you want to have, so be it. Enjoy your $500 from sales.. SIGH! yet another git gud retro game. kinda sick of these by this point.

every level has 1 hit death pits/spikes/ect because cant level design and padding game time though this game isn't as bad as i've seen in other wannabe retro titles. the main issue is there are just way to many things that want perfect timing and knowledge the game never even hints at, like knowing how unexplained weapon powers work. this game could be a great megaman clone if the dev tuned down the difficulty. if you're into these kind of games though have at it you'll love it.. I can't even begin to imagine why people blast this game for being to hard. Have you ever played Megman 1? Old school games are brutal. They don't hold your hand. They don't tell you exactly what to do. They make you curse and throw your controller. It is nice to see some games like this make somewhat of a comeback!

I think this game is great! It is obviously inspired by Megaman, but it has it's own flavor. The music is very catchy, and the pixel graphics are vibrant.

Best of all, the controls are very zippy and responsive. I love a game where, when you press the button, the gal on-screen moves, instantly. That is something that is difficult to achieve sometimes with today's digital displays and myriad of resolutions (*cough* cuphead *cough*)

Also, someone mentioned that the English translation isn't spot-on... I for one, find bad translations charming. You can tell what they mean!

In short, if you want a game that is NES hard, this is it! If you like tutorials and gradual learning curves, you should keep looking.

. Pros:
The Graphics remind me of the original rockman/ megaman but a bit better kind of like megaman X.
The Characters Seem cute and there feels like there is more story in it than the original Megaman Series.
The Controls, while not great are still fairly easy to control
Artwork, cutscenes and character design are fun and colorful.

The Level Design, the learning curve is very steep compared to the megaman games, lots of instant deaths in the form of spikes and pits. Plus the enemies have a tendency to push you into the instant deaths. Jumping over insta-death traps/ pits is a must in this game because of its frequency which is frustrating. I died 49 times on the first level, at one point I just wished for a gameover screen where I just see a broken and defeated Metagal laying there dying it was so redundant. But you have unlimited lives, so you just keep dying forever until you memorize everything about the levels, the timing and the attack pattern.

So in conclusion, The game concept, graphics and story are all really engaging, the only drawback is the slightly absurd level design and learning curve for combat for those of us who havent played this genre of game in a long time. So perhaps more levels where we get power ups before taking on her sisters or a difficulty level thats selectable.

Going to keep an eye on this for further growth, hopefully they do more and add more as I am really hopeful of this title.. A fairly hard megaman game. I also fell into the water, like a number of reviewers of said, but I didn't fall through the level.

Playing does remind me of megaman, and it's nintedo hard. Spikes still instantly kill you (Unless you took damage and are blinking.) I died pretty quickly on the first boss, which was not was I was expecting. I haven't played long, but it is fun - I'm just writing a review this soon to help balance out the two that found a glitch when they started.. Megaman clone with decent design for the low price. There are some flaws right now, but the devs are working to repair them even as I type this. Check it out if you're a fan of old MM games.. Pros.


Classic-ish megaman style game play.

Good OST.


Uses a dash, the dash is ONLY through double tapping left or right and is needed for a good junk of platforming.

You start with 0 lives (gifted one in tutorial) dying sets you to certain check points, if you use Continue. Rebirth not 100% what it does but it is a life system. Check points are really far apart compared to the amount of instant death traps in the game.

Says it is mapped for controllers. You can only use D-pad for movement (left right, up and down for ladders) So it really isn't full controller support.


Would be a perfect little jump shoot platformer if you could assign dashing to a button.. Sad to say about it. had to refund on the game as it seems unfinished or bad finished i might say.
The idea is very good thought it lacks some bug fixes. Has leves where the game just freeze for good no reason and other is so nonsense that i just went through the wall and got stuck till die.
The soundtrack is a remix of the same game intro song each stage.
The shooting is a standard 3 shoot pattern. No free shooting. This make things a bit hardcore even for old mageman gamers.
Is a good game, i just feel not worth the price even with 20% off. Maybe when has a 50% or more, and well fixed for good, i might try it again. For now... just no.

Update fix game breaking issue.:
[Fix / Improvement]

- Improve checkpoint room in Gal.0x level where Gal.02 unable to reach ladder with her double jump.

- Improve powerup room in GAL.03 level allow Gal.01 to reach area with her booster jump.

- minor sound FX Improve

- Menu now display text follow choosen language.

- Result screen now display text follow choosen language.

- fix Chinese description when collect upgtade item.

- fix Thai description when collect upgtade item.

we're very sorry for your inconvenient and thank you for support the game report issue.. Working on Dash button:
We heard people complain about lack of dash button, but dont worry we're working on it. it might take some time but just want to let everyone know it will happen!. :D. Playable GAL.02-04 will come as one package! in upcoming update.:
Originally we plan to update each character per month but since we are small team and didn't work with the game full time it hard for us to keep our scadule. however... to compensate that now we decide to put all playable GAL sister in next update as one pack also try to fix all know bug we left off from previous version.

now we make the final test on each character to make sure player can finish the game with their build-in abilities and refine their move to play smooth as possible.

we estimate this update will be release in next week.

we sorry to keep people waiting so long... after this update we will start moving to our next project but we still keep support about glitch/bug fix as long as we can.

Thank you to everyone to support us. :D. Update! Add new dialog and fix powershot.:
- We adding new set of dialog to the game for conversation , Tips , Menu
- Fix powershot sometime pircing though boss enemies and deal only 1 damage.. Update! Trading card now available. fix some small glitch:
- Trading Card now avaiable.
- Fixed when player spend more than 1 gear when press continue button multiple time.
- Improve Default Keyboard configuration.. Fix Patch - Fix missing collision and weapon cycle glicth:
[Patch Note]

- Fix Missing collision found in GAL-04 Level.

- Fix weapon cycle function incorrect, when player select Recovery power from pause menu.

- Fix character stuck inside collision in GAL01,GAL03 tutorial level when player try to enter boss gate while half of character body still outside gate check box.

We apologize for your inconvenience.

Thank you for support Metagal.

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