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About This Game

McDROID is the a fusion Arcade/RTS, the love-child of RTYPE and Dune 2. You take direct control of the modular robot McDROID and protect your shuttle and your crop against various types of mutants and mutations. You can either fight head-on by carrying a weapon or you can deploy weapons and let them do the work, you can even drop experimentals on the map. The creatures either attack you directly or corrupt the ground, some even mutate your crops against you. It's fast-paced, it's full of surprises, it takes brains and it's a bit crazy, it's sci-fi like you have never played (Co-Op & Single).

In your farming and survival pack you get:
  • One (1) Modular Combine Droid (McDROID)
  • A story campaign where each level uncovers a new game mechanic and research blueprint, and where you heal a planet.
  • Each level has 3 difficulty, CHALLENGE continues where you left off in NORMAL with all the turrets that survived.
  • Enemies drop corpses which debuff and damage your turrets. Gotta clean up behind yourself! (for extra loot)
  • Trees to heal the planet (and buff your weapons and crops production)
  • A variety of researchable giant talking weapons that you can carry and shoot around like a 3rd person shooter.
  • A multi weapon rail to turn into a very powerful machine of peace.
  • One unicorn skin and one skull skin (find them scattered about)
  • Deployable base mount
  • Tesla turrets that you can chain together a-la CnC Red Alert
  • Economy based on McDiamonds and giant strawberries because it's the future.
  • Factories that builds robots (that buid miniatures of factories?)
  • Mutators that will turn your crop into Bomb Trees (not good for harvest).
  • Cute cartoony Borderland gfx
  • Hand Crafted levels that change with how many trees your plant.
  • Drop in/Drop out Co-Op: because that Mutatosaurus is just too much for you. Cloud save. Persistent base and other technologies from the 21st century.
  • Hard as nail Survival Levels with persistence: your towers and economy stay with you from death to death, but also bomb trees, unfortunately.
  • Persistent Research. Do you focus on improving your lasers first or branch out into bliss engine as you climb through the research trees?
  • Drop in/Drop out Co-Op: if you're overwhelmed in single campaign, have some robot-buddies join you.
  • Persistent base building: Complete a level on Normal and you can play on in Challenge and Nightmare modes. Your base and economy will carry over but will have to withstand much deadlier attacks!
  • Not 40s, not 50s, not 80s but 60 rock!
  • Achievements awarded for tasks ranging from silly to tricky.
  • Supports Xbox 360 controller

Title: McDROID
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Release Date: 5 Sep, 2014


  • OS: XP
  • Processor: core 2 duo
  • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
  • Graphics: nvidia 660 Ti
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 1024 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: QWERTY only


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Mcdroid is perhaps one of the most fun spin-off TD's i've played to date. Don't let the video or graphics fool you, this game can get really hard quite fast. The fact it also allows co-op on every level is another plus which makes the game that much more fun. I recommend this game to anyone that loves TD's and is looking for a challenge.. Not a terrible game, but there are better free td games out there. There is very little to do, other than stand still (which is how you heal towers), or try to draw away agro. Dissapointing.. Game loads in without curser control. No reply on "bugs" section of forums. Would not reccomend. 1/5. A Tower Defense game, between average and good. Graphics are colourful, but need a powerfull hardware to run, even in low quality; when screen has plenty of action, can cause lags and crashes.

Mechanics is right; has only 5 towers to choose, but each has 4 possible upgrades. Also there is 5 kinds of powerfull items, with a crescent price by use. Towers and items must be unblocked by ingame progress. The economy is based in a mixed system of farming and gems, to buy towers, upgrades and items.

The gameplay is a harsh challenge, because its normal difficulty is high, and indeed there are two more hard modes: really no has an easy mode. The enemy bugs are varied, but as there aren't pathways in scenaries, they go where they want to, attacking towers directly: the player must to defend himself, his base, his crops, and his towers, and are very weak. And if this not was enought, enemy has air supremacy and does shellings... As result, game only can be finished by using a lot the special items, specially in harder mode.

Finish the 13 scenaries in 3 modes take about 60 hours, reaching a 80% of achievements. As has a childishs style and story, a coop option and don't show violence against humans (except a poor scenary about zombies), is very recomendable for children, surely its good reputation come from their opinions.. On-the-fly robo customization with a skill tree?

Take my money/10. i think this is a great game tho i wish more peaple are online but its still a great game and really fun. You may read my initial review below, however after completing the game on the second day with only "achievements" left to gain by painfully grinding levels or waiting for people who actually play properly i have had to change my review. If i am missing something please let me know, but according to it i finished the tree of life and thats pretty much the end. So i payed £13.50 for a few hours of gameplay some which were just painful grinding to get diamonds. i have to compare this to say kingdom rush - £6.99 for 70 hours+ gameplay. in its current state this game is well overpriced.
Now deleting!

I purchased this with very little to go on, only around 3 reviews at the time of purchase. It's a great game i do however think it is more inclined towards multiplayer if you want to advance at a reasonable pace. I seem to have to be "grinding" to get diamonds to unlock upgrades etc in single player. Also the tutorial doesnt really explain things very well and as your thrown in at the deep end ( in single player ) it can seem a little overwhelming, As you realize that your wasting the diamonds you need for upgrades on mines etc, evetually it causes you to play a lot more strategically to save resources for upgrades.

Graphically its nicely done and it all plays very well. The only problem i really encountered was whilst i was carrying a turret at one point i seem to become lodged in the "mother ship" there seemed no way to free myself and it forced me to restart the level. Also i noticed that trying to traverse the pathway from level to level with the keyboard causes your droid to walk diagonally ( i saw a few people fall off the path - having the same problem ) this problem however doesnt occur with a controller.

All in all a good game with only a couple of minor flaws ( that i have found so far ). Mcdroid is a great game, its really good. Everything is good, from gameplay, to progression, economy, enemies, ect.

Every match you plant seeds in pre-placed seed beds, which produce strawberries, which act as the games currency for buying and upgrading towers. This adds a additional element many tower defense games don't have, as you need to defend your strawberry patches. The other currency is diamonds. Diamonds are gained from certain enemy kills, and are used to buy tower upgrades and special abilities.

There is alot of variety with the towers and upgrades, and the game is fun both in single and multi player. There is a limited number of campaign levels, estimated about 5 hours playtime. However there are hardcore and survival versions of almost every level which can ramp up the game time considerably, and are very fun. Playing online is also considerably fun.

All in all a great game, worth the money and recommended to tower defense and arcade shooter fans.. This game is an awesome tower defense ARPG hybrid set in a cartoon futuristic world.

It deserves a lot more fame. Seriously one of the best games of all time imo.

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