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About This Game

Relive your journey to Lovely Planet in this brand new adventure packed with impossible tests of skill and patience. Craft intricate combos to unfold the complex puzzle of flying projectiles and moving targets into a graceful sequence of well timed shots and jumps. Enjoy shooting baddies, jumping over obstacles and teleporting around bullets while trading with milliseconds.

  • The original First Person Shooter experience, a game of jumping and shooting
  • Test your skills with a hundred plus levels to solve over four unique worlds
  • Push yourself further with unlockable modifiers, play any level in Mirror or Fast mode
  • Collect evidence and uncover the mysteries of the Arcade
  • Original soundtrack by Calum Bowen

Title: Lovely Planet Arcade
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
tinyBuild Games
Lovely Planet
Release Date: 22 Jul, 2016


lovely planet arcade. lovely planet arcade act 4

Lovely Planet Arcade is the formula youve known to love with the series, with a twist. There is no Y-axis making quick movements and peaking around corners just as nessasary as it was in the original Lovely Planet. Levels start out easy and become harder over time. The same enemy types from the last game are not used, but instead a whole new array of baddies must be mastered. The worlds are more flat and have less scenery, but this makes additional room for the puzzle aspects of Lovely Planet. Joyful music is to be expected, but in my opinion, is a slight downgrade to the quality of music found in the first lovely planet.
the cons-
-music is more repetitive, worse quality
-no longer has a feeling of joy and freedom
-since reloading takes time, you have to think about when you shoot and not just where
-there is almost no aspect of speedrunning, since each level can be finished in a easy line from start to finish. no more jumping onto scenery for a quicker time here.
If youre new to the Lovely Planet series, start out with the original, then move to Arcade for more challenges.. Totally don't understand the negative reviews. Fans of the original Lovely Planet ought to enjoy this game. It plays like doom with no vertical aim, you don't go flying like you did in the original but it still manages to keep the pace fast. The style and music is pretty much the same, basically feels like you're playing Katamari but you're wasting everyone with a shotgun. 8\/10 will be playing a lot of this game.. Lovely Planet was a game that took me by complete surprise, because it seemed like it was just any old indie game and I mainly bought it for the cute art style. It ended up being one of the hardest FPSs I've played, and over the dozen or so hours it took me to get all the stars in it my shooter skills as a whole improved a lot in terms of accuracy and reaction time. It's the kind of game where even when it's so hard you think you'll never finish a level, you can't drop it because it's so happy and cute and there's just something about how energetic the game is with how fast you move and how high you jump that goes really well with the extremely good soundtrack.

Lovely Planet Arcade is the sequel, and it tries things a bit differently. It goes oldschool with the aiming, removing the Y axis so you can only look left and right. The player moves much slower, and can only jump about half a foot into the air, making it useless except for specific parts where you need to jump. The levels are designed to accomodate this, and instead of having any complex platforming or extreme air jumps the levels are generally small flat planes with fences or houses used to break them up. You also have a new gun, a shotgun that fires in a straight line ahead of you, so you're no longer challenged with the task of guessing where your shots would land from the previously angled wand thing from Lovely Planet. Because of all this, the game is a lot less punishing in terms of mouse skill, but also less fun in my opinion. The accuracy star has been removed, and now the only thing that matters for getting 3 stars is your completion time. Most of the challenge now comes from replaying the levels over and over until you learn the placement of the enemies, which now have special qualities like some that teleport you to them and some that freeze time for a moment, making the levels more like puzzles than shooting galleries. And there's nothing wrong with that, it's still a fun game and if the original game didn't exist I'd probably be giving this one a more positive review, but when you make a game as overall great as Lovely Planet it's hard not to compare the sequel to it, and frankly this game is worse in every way I can think of. Which again isn't to say that it's bad, but if you're debating between this or Lovely Planet I'd say go with the first game for sure. If you're returning and just really want some more of this style of game, this isn't a terrible purchase for its price, but just know what you're getting.. Lovely Planet with a shotgun. That's all you need to know! If you've played the original Lovely Planet and enjoyed it there is no doubt in my mind this game will rekindle those sweet, sweet feelings. Whilst its a different movement system we're all familiar with from the original, this game stands on its own for enjoyment and the difficulty from the get-go.
Buy it. Buy it now.
10\/10 - This is a biased review, I've waited so long for this moment ;_;. As a huge fan of the original Lovely Planet, it's with a heavy heart that I have to write a negative review for its succesor. I've played Lovely Planet for 250+ hours, and I held WR runs in many categories, so I feel that I'm obligated to do this.

This game is not for speedrunners. That's all there is to it. No chance of sequence breaks, no vertical aim, no glitches to shoot through walls. Honestly, there's nearly no freedom of movement. The ability to choose how to route your levels was what made the original so great. Jumping in this game is next to useless as far as routing goes. The levels railroad you to take the intended route.

As a casual game, I'm sure this is jolly good fun, but as someone who was expecting a true sequel, I'm left with a bitter taste in my mouth. I'm sorry, but I just can't enjoy this game.. To address some of the other reviews.<\/b>
No, it's not the same as the previous Lovely Planet. The "Arcade" in the title imples that it's something different. And that's not a bad thing. The original Lovely Planet was great! Fantastic! This Lovely Planet is just a little different, but still great.

There's no vertical aim, meaning you only control which horizontal direction you're aiming in. That's one of the biggest changes and it's something that takes a few minutes to get used to.

There's less emphasis on exploration and mapping out your own path through the level to try and be just a little bit faster. There is of course a fastest path through the course, but there's less freedom to make up your own. The speed-running in this installment is more based on skill rather than ingenuity, although it does take some ingenuity to find the quickest, most efficient path though the level. But once you find that, your speed is mostly dependent on how skillfully you can navigate the level and shoot the baddies. I think more so than the original, this game has more puzzle elements to the level design, but don't get me wrong, it's still balls-to-the-wall difficult to execute in the harder levels.

A few cons.<\/b>
There is currently no level editor. It really seems like a game that would lend itself well to that, so it's a shame that it's not there. The built-in levels are great and all, but replaying the same levels to try and set a new PB can get repetitive.

There are no leaderboards. This one really bugs me. I'd love to see how my times are compared to other people's instead of just trying to beat my own all the time. While the original Lovely Planet had leaderboards, I'm pretty sure the top times were broken or full of people glitching the game is various ways, so that might be why there are no leaderboards this time around. Because he couldn't differentiate cheaters. Who knows. It's just a guess.

TL;DR It's a great game. No vertical aim takes some getting used to. More puzzle-based in the level design but still very mechanically difficult to pull off in the fastest way possible. If you don't care too much about beating your own times, then you might only get a few hours of entertainment of it, but it's not an expensive game. Sadly no leaderboards or level editor :(. More downplayed and puzzle-oriented version of it's predecessor. While the original 'Lovely Planet' has 'Quake' vibes, this game can be compared to 'Doom' instead. Your vertical view is locked and the platforming elements are (almost) absent. And although you probably will still have some fun, i say buy the original instead.. I played the original Lovely Planet for over 100 hours, and this game feels inferior in every way. First note that this game, like the original does not have a crosshair. Additionally, this game has no y-axis aiming.

The game is split into about 100 levels in 4 acts. The goal of each level is generally to kill all enemies, collect any coins and reach the goal pillar. The game feels very limited in terms of movement and aiming, compared to the original, which let you traverse long, uneven levels and shoot high up enemies at a distance. Instead you're left repetitively shooting enemies on your level, only so far away from you. You can no longer shoot without lag, as your gun now has a reload animation, which slows the game down significantly. The fun, unobtrusive soundtrack of Lovely Planet is hard to live up to, and this soundtrack does not. The music is average, and I found act 3's song so repetitive and annoying that I had to turn off music audio.

But enough comparing the games. I think that even by itself, Lovely Planet Arcade is a bad game. Removing y-axis aiming might not bother some, but every level in the game is a flat, square space. The only things differentiating levels are the enemy and wall placements. The walls and rocks which act as obstacles are plain, and the single environment is uninteresting. Jumping exists in the game, but it only serves as a mechanic to kill certain kinds of enemies and avoid spikes on the ground. You cannot jump over other obstacles to find different routes. There isno depth to the movement whatsoever.

You'll come across several enemy types. Some are bland, like the enemies with shields, which can only be killed while jumping. Others slow\/stop time and teleport you to their location. These make for some interesting strats, but quickly get repetitive, and slow the game down. Then there are the invisible enemies, which kill you instantly - the only way to beat these levels is by trial and error, until you figure out where they are. There are even enemies which blind you when you kill them, until you kill another enemy or pick up a coin. The effect is a jarring grey screen, which usually results in a clumsy level completion.<\/span><\/span> Levels are linear in design, from movement down to shot order. There's not a lot of freedom to differ from the intended strategy.

The game does come with some modifiers to the levels; mirror mode will let you play mirrored versions of every level and fast mode will make the game feel a lot less sluggish. You can also earn stars based on how quickly you complete levels, so there's some replay value there.

Honestly this game feels more like a puzzle game to me. A puzzle game where you don't see the whole puzzle. You'll have to play levels multiple times to figure out the linear solution.

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