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About This Game

1936: Soldiers of the Third Reich roam the world seeking occult weapons for their insane plans of conquest. When Fenton Paddock, a former British soldier and hapless smuggler, is asked to look for his friend Richard, who went missing in Tibet, he has no idea that this search will lead him across three continents to a secret that could turn the whole world upside down. Enough mystery? Not in the mood for another crime story? "Lost Horizon" brings the classic adventure back to its roots: the 1930s, exotic settings all over the world, and the dangerous quest for one of the greatest secrets of mankind makes adventurers' hearts beat faster. The Makers of the award-winning Secret Files series invite you to experience a technically outstanding, carefully designed game featuring an absolutely thrilling story at the side of Kim and Fenton.

Key features:

  • Unique handmade graphic style
  • Exotic settings you've never seen before
  • Movie-like story by novelist Claudia Kern
  • Both realistic and funny dialogues
  • Excellent technical appearance and minimal system requirements
  • Fast-paced presentation of the exciting story in movie style
  • Innovative puzzle design, always fair and logical


Title: Lost Horizon
Genre: Adventure
Animation Arts
Deep Silver
Release Date: 24 Sep, 2010


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I was kinda dreading starting this game. I got in in a bundle with the Secret Files series, which turned out to be quite underwhelming, and I didn't want to go through the same thing. But I was (thankfully) so wrong!

The story centers around Fenton Paddock, our protagonist. With a name fit for a rascal, he appears quite flippant but not in an offensive way due to his copious amount of boyish charm. The rest of the cast is also interesting, each with a rich backstory and distinct motivations. And the voice acting is spot on!

But the great beauty of this game is the sense of adventure it exudes. The progression of the story makes so much sense and the places you go (or end up) are diverse, beautifully crafted and presented, with an almost magical allure; from the Governor's mansion in Hong Kong, to the Himalayas and the streets of Marrakech. The various maps of each area are a nice touch, adding to the game's adventurous nature.

Playing this game has been an absolute delight!

Whole-heartedly recommended!. Because of the poor voice acting and painstakingly long cutscenes I lost interest in wanting to complete the game.

This is not a game I would recommend to others who are wanting to play a enjoyable point- and click adventure game. I think too much of the story is driven through watching cutscenes instead of actually playing the game.. Got this game on special for $3

Total 8 hours gameplay

Reminded me on old Indiana Jones games

Worth it.. The main character is a♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. As a huge fan of point and click adventure games I have to say that Lost Horizon is one of the best. It has everything you might want in the genre:
Gorgeous hand drawn graphics
Diverse and interesting characters and locations
An excellent musical score and voice acting that add to the scenes and never distract
A story that draws you in
And puzzels/item management that is logical, witty, and doesn’t require a walkthrough to figure out what the game devs want you to do next
There are also many ‘quality of life’ features, such as a helpful (non-hint) audio quest log (in case its been a few days between playing and you cant remember what you were doing), hotspot markers (so you can avoid pixel hunting if that’s not your thing), and contextual mouse clicking (if two items don’t make any logical sense to combine they wont light up if you try).
All in all this is a fantastic point and click adventure which took me back to the golden age of adventure games, just with better graphics and QoF features that no point and click adventure game should be without.

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