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Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! Full Version Free

Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! Full Version Free

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Title: Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!!
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 15 Mar, 2019


  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: Pentium 4 1.3 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics:</</p>


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SPOILER! SPOILER! I am sorry but i can't recommend this VN. -Most of the character are nice and have a good personality. -Couple stories are funny and the interraction the characters have between is fun and cute. -But the main story is just the worst story i've ever read: First thing, why is Yuno NOT the main protaganist? She's the center character in the trio, it's her that you see in the miniature when you choose the game, it makes NO sense. -Second thing, and this is what annoys me the most, Yuno is useless in this game, she could be replace by a noname NPC that would make NO difference. In some scenes that takes like 10 min to read in auto play she's here most of the time only 1 or 2 min and even when you're following her when they are more than 2 characters with her she mostly don't talk. She's suppose to be one of the main protagonist and she appears less than some secondary character. I haven't finish the story yet cause of that (i will) but from where i am right now, the ENTIRE story so far is about Saeka and Tamaki and they didn't even need Yuno to do the introduction, even if the fact is that Yuno SHOULD have done them. Also most of the time when Saeka and Tamaki talk about her it is ALMOST NEVER about her good points, they totally forgot that SHE has an idol job and it can be hard in some way to do that AND have good grade when you CAN'T be always in school and end up missing some of it. -Third thing is Saeka (who stragely was the main protagonist all along), she is the most unbearable character i ever saw (THIS IS JUST MY OPINION PLEASE TRY NOT TO INSULT ME FOR THAT), everything she does and say are total opposite: she says she is bad with people but has no problem talking to others without even showing any kind of embarrassment, she talks about Yuno like her model but always blame her for something (and always in her back). Finally she (of course) is perfect in every way: perfect in exercice, Best student with perfect grades ect. -Also one last thing is the fact that the first thing you have when you start the game is an event that has all the character of the game in it and is clearly at a point in the game that is at the end of it. THEY LITTERALY PUT THE END OF THE GAME AT THE BEGINNING. You see all characters of the game and you know nothing about them: who are they? what do they do? where do they come from? and i just didn't care about them at the time since i knew nothing about them. DON'T PUT ALL OF THE CHARACTERS IN THE GAME AT THE BEGINNING WITHOUT INTRODUCING THEM BEFORE UNLESS IT'S TO PUT A DRAMA TO ATTRACT PEOPLE TO READ IT TO KNOW HOW IT CAME TO THIS. It makes me sad that this is the main story of this game cause i've read the side stories and they were good (especially the tsundere sides which is the funniest for me cause i love the love/hate kind of relationship. And please DO NOT compare this game with Kindred Spirit on the Roof. KSOTR way to introduce the character was better since it did it one at a time and not all of them at the same time. Also all of the relation between the character have a flashback to explain how, when and where they met and became friends, i haven't seen any in Lilycle. In the end i don't recommend this game, if you buy it don't expect much from the main story but enjoy the side stories even if they are rush sometimes.. If you love light yuri story content and willing to invest 30-60 hours for that here is game for you

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