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From the creators of the award-winning Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep and Legends of Atlantis: Exodus comes the next big underwater Match-3 game, League of Mermaids! Help Lea 5d3b920ae0

Title: League of Mermaids
Genre: Casual, Indie
Alder Games
Legacy Games
Release Date: 23 Jul, 2013


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League of Mermaids is a match three type game with a physics twist, so you drop balls in from the top of the screen to make groups of three or more, and as you clear the other balls fall into place possibly making more triples and clearing. The levels are fairly easy to complete, so the main limitation is trying to get three stars on each level - the second star being for beating the target time (usually fairly well set - you don't need to rush normally, but you can't dawdle either). A third star is dependent on the level - some require a chain of clears (say 9 in one move), some limit you to a maximum number of moves, and some require you to match the three silver hearts. As you progress through the levels a few extra mechanics are added in - frozen balls that need to be matched before they can be moved, and some special bonuses you can collect causing your next ball to explode, or bounce around clearing everything it touches, etc. So mostly the key to the game is how the physics works - and it is completely repeatable (i.e. if you drop two balls down into the same spot, they will bounce the same way, as long as the previous ball doesn't get in the way), however it can be a bit hard to predict the bounce in certain situations, but overall I found once you have played for a while you can predict what will happen fairly accurately most of the time, and it does lead to far more great moments than regular match three games - where you are mostly being congratulated for the right colours randomly falling in, in this case you can see where everything is, so the great moves are far more likely to be intentionally designed rather than luck. In most cases you rarely need to exactly predict the bounces anyway, as most of the time you are firing into chutes, or into a curve that will "catch" the ball softly and direct it the way you want, or on to a pile of balls where the bounce will usually be fairly clear. A couple of minor exceptions are on the flat based levels, when there is exactly one ball thick, it is seemingly impossible to drop it between two balls directly, it always bounces left (or right) 2/3/4 balls, so that can be a pain. There is also a specific level where you collect a bomb and have to fire two silver hearts down the sides and off ramps to be caught at the bottom of the playing field which took me dozens of attempts to get exactly right. So overall it is a fairly decent action puzzle game, but it could be frustrating at first until you get the hang of physics of the balls, which are both the main pro and sometimes the main con of this game compared to more traditional match three games.. 6/10 (Better than average!) match 3 puzzler. Zen-puzzler for when you listen to podcasts. It's not bad, but get only if cheap. I quite enjoyed 3-staring those levels for achievments. Challenging but never impossible. The last achievment seems to be one helluva a grind though.. I originally wrote off League of Mermaids as a run-of-the-mill match 3 game that I'd probably just use to kill 10 minutes here and there, and never expected to get the achievements. It wasn't until I'd gotten maybe halfway through that I suddenly realized each level had a strategy that revolved around the level objectives. Once it clicked, the game got WAY more interesting, and a hell of a lot more satisfying. This game has the perfect mix of challenge and difficulty. Even the levels that initially look impossible have a logical way to solve them, and once you figure it out you then have a goal to work toward. Also, and I can't stress this enough, the physics are PERFECT, which is an absolute must for a game that relies on gravity as its main mechanic. Pay attention to where you aim and you can drop the pearls pretty much anywhere you need them to go. If you like match 3, play this game. If you like solving puzzles, play this game. If you like well-made physics engines, play this game. If you don't like any of those things and just happened to make it to the end of this review, who cares play the game anyway.. Game Information League of Mermaids is a Match 3 game with physics that was developed by Alder Games and published by Legacy Games. Game Visuals I want to mentioned that the visuals in the game is well done. The visuals can be adjusted in the game's option menu. Game Audio I want to mentioned that audio for the game is well done. Even though the audio is somewhat simplistic and repetitive. The audio can be adjusted in the game's option menu as well. Gameplay There is no difficulty game modes to choose from. All levels have their own difficulty. There is a timer in the game. The levels can still be completed even if the time has run out completely. The story campaign mode has three chapters with the total of fifteen levels. There are three bonus chapter with the total of fifteen levels. But they are not connected to the story campaign. There is a zen mode. Endless match 3 modes with no timer. There is an ability to level up in this mode but it would require a certain amount of stars. The bottomless trench mode is to see how far the player can go before the time on the timer runs out completely. The special puzzle mode features similar puzzles from the story campaign mode. There are sixteen different achievements that can be unlocked from playing the game. Each of these achievements does come with some requirements that needs to be completed before they can be unlocked. Miscellaneous Final thoughts: I have found the game enjoyable to a certain extent. The replay value for the game is low. I would recommend this game, but not at the game's full price value.. This game worth for sure the money even if its not in discount because you have at least 10 hours of gameplay.And for the players that wanna do 100% of the game its gonna take you even more . League of Mermaids is a cute Match 3 game that plays with physics. Really easy to learn the mechanics of the game and pretty simple to play left click and right click of mouse only . Story is fine you need to recovers the treasures before the kraken is summoned and destroy your mermaid world. Music is nice and quality of the world ambiance is well made . There is 6 worlds and 3 bonus game mode to play. There is alot of achievements for the achievements hunters ! But watch out they wont be easy in this game . You will need luck and skills or even both sometimes to get the 3 stars on each level. Achievements are only for the 3 first worlds and the 3 bonus game modes. I would give it 3.5 out of 5 Sorry if my english was bad and i hope you will enjoy this game :) Melovia. Not your regular Match 3 game, the different puzzles and levels mean lots of variety and lots of difficulty shifts depending on the level, story could be better but it's definetly something you could waste time on the Achievements and some of the level requirements for 3 stars are very tedious and annoying but once your past them it does get better. Overall i give it 7.5/10. Physics-based match-3 dropping balls game. Casual but somewhat challenging. Recommended. Similar to Atlantis: Pearls of The Deep, but more simple.. Designed toyou off, randomizer feels like its programmed to give you spheres of colors that would impede your progress at the given moment. This, together with the gravity aspect, makes the game irritating to play instead of relaxing. The genre is so saturated thatyou should play something much better than this.

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